Dairy-Free Green Tea Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce + Vancouver Favourites

I know green and blue aren’t the traditional colours to celebrate Canada Day but they are Canucks colours. I should say first that I’m not exactly a hockey fan – I don’t know any of the rules or how the game works, but it’s the togetherness, fans united, that counts I think.

The Canucks-Bruins playoff was a big thing – I didn’t realize how big until I saw it even in British online publications (with headlines like, “If you thought football fans were mad, think again”)! What made more headlines, though, were the Vancouver, B.C. riots. A lot has already been said about the riots and a lot of people have already covered it and spoken their opinions. Myself, I’m not happy that the riots happened and that people behaved in that manner; what disappointed me more, though, were the people who badmouthed Vancouver – not just because I was born and raised in this city (don’t get me wrong, I love my city) but that most of those comments weren’t even from people who had visited or at some point lived in Vancouver. To me, it is akin to a tourist saying that somewhere – a city, country, etc. – is a bad place or attributing its people to something undesirable, especially if it’s for television, when it is really just an opinion and one’s own perspective. (I’m not saying you have to like a city – if you don’t, that’s fine, but don’t badmouth it. For example, what I saw of San Francisco last year I liked and someday I’d like to explore more, whereas there are people I know who have been to San Fran and did not like it the least bit. To each his own.)

The riots, and the behaviour exhibited, were not truly representative of Vancouver and its people. What happened before the playoffs, the togetherness of the Canucks fans, though, is memorable and should be remembered: fans whooping and cheering, as cars drove by horns were honked and hands sticking out of car windows giving high fives to strangers on the streets. The hope of winning. It was an incredible thing to witness. It was a tough game and, yes, the Canucks lost this time – but it should be that joy that is remembered most of all.

That being said, before I share today’s recipe I’d like to share some of my favourite things about Vancouver and in no particular order.

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