His First (Flourless) Peanut Butter Cookie

I wasn’t sure about posting flourless peanut butter cookies. There are countless other sources online and in print and one can only do so much with a basic recipe. My decision to post the cookies anyway, though, came about when my brother had his first ever peanut butter cookie. In fact, the first time he’d ever had something with peanut.

I’ve mentioned before about my brother’s peanut tolerance here, when I posted these flourless almond butter or peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. When my family was SCD for a year, he never ate peanuts in any form since they can be hard on the digestion and at that moment in time we wanted to help him clean up his gastrointestinal system without distressing. Peanuts can also cause problems for some children who have autism. As those of us with dietary issues know, or have loved ones that do, though, this is not across the board since every child is different. (Peanuts are considered safe in general on the SCD.)

I’d made a batch of flourless peanut butter cookies and set them on the table. I didn’t have almond butter or another nut butter to make cookies for him. Although we’re no longer strictly SCD, he has refused to try whenever we offered him something with peanut, as he has been very specific with what he allows himself to eat.

He asked if they were peanut butter, and I said that yes, they were. Then, as my Mum took one, he asked if it was okay for him to try one.  When she said yes, he took a cookie from the plate and had the smallest bite. It could have been a nibble. After this, he took another small bite and told us that he liked it and he finished it.

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Celiac Awareness Month: Going Gluten-Free, Part 2

This is Part 2 of Celiac Awareness Month: Going Gluten-Free. Click here to read Part 1.

In the first installment of this article about gluten-free living, I talked about myself and my eating habits and how and why my family and I changed to a gluten-free diet to help my brother recovering from autism.

In this second – and final – installment, I am going to write about my experience with gluten-free cooking and eating, in particular regards to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

It’s only been fairly recently, this year, that I’ve been having more practice and experience with traditional gluten-free baking – using a mix of flours and, even more recently, within this month, use xanthum and guar gum: two agents in helping gluten-free baked goods hold together and creating a process similar to the stickiness of gluten. Most of my gluten-free baking experience is based on following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which also means that I was making not only gluten-free baked goods but also grain-free, starch-free, and sugar-free.

When we started the GFCF diet, I did a little bit of baking but by and large I made nothing particularly spectacular. We didn’t know about using xanthum or guar gum in baking. I remember I made these rice flour cookies and they were good, but as they cooled off, they became rock hard. We couldn’t eat them. I remember I once threw one of them on the table, just to see if I could break it that way, and it remained fully intact. Not even a crumb came loose. It was incredible. If anyone needed a recipe for Hagrid’s rock cakes, that was it.

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