His First (Flourless) Peanut Butter Cookie

I wasn’t sure about posting flourless peanut butter cookies. There are countless other sources online and in print and one can only do so much with a basic recipe. My decision to post the cookies anyway, though, came about when my brother had his first ever peanut butter cookie. In fact, the first time he’d ever had something with peanut.

I’ve mentioned before about my brother’s peanut tolerance here, when I posted these flourless almond butter or peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. When my family was SCD for a year, he never ate peanuts in any form since they can be hard on the digestion and at that moment in time we wanted to help him clean up his gastrointestinal system without distressing. Peanuts can also cause problems for some children who have autism. As those of us with dietary issues know, or have loved ones that do, though, this is not across the board since every child is different. (Peanuts are considered safe in general on the SCD.)

I’d made a batch of flourless peanut butter cookies and set them on the table. I didn’t have almond butter or another nut butter to make cookies for him. Although we’re no longer strictly SCD, he has refused to try whenever we offered him something with peanut, as he has been very specific with what he allows himself to eat.

He asked if they were peanut butter, and I said that yes, they were. Then, as my Mum took one, he asked if it was okay for him to try one.  When she said yes, he took a cookie from the plate and had the smallest bite. It could have been a nibble. After this, he took another small bite and told us that he liked it and he finished it.

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Dad’s Favourite Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grain-Free

Back when I was in the middle of my chocolate chip cookie frenzy (more to do with the technical and scientific side of cookies than eating them; it’s calmed down at the moment), I made up a recipe for these chocolate chip cookies made with almonds and they were a winner, as well as immediately becoming my Dad’s favourite chocolate chip cookies.

Not only are they my Dad’s favourite out of all the chocolate chip cookies I’ve made so far but also the preferred over all the rest. If I’m making any chocolate chip cookies, I have to make at least one batch of these ones as well for him.

I had written down the recipe, a prototype of sorts (sometimes I just write recipes, measurements and all, in much the same way as I’ll write a poem or start a story and they surprisingly often work) and it only needed a few tweaks after I’d made it as written.

These chocolate chip cookies are a soft cookie with a crisp outer edge and moist and chewy inside, oozing with melted chocolate chips. The olive oil and coconut oil play off each other, resulting in an intriguing flavour that can only be described as being at once fruity and buttery. The vanilla extract balances the two oils.

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Royal Wedding Buffet

It’s mere hours now before Prince William and Miss Catherine “Kate” Middleton are wed, a wedding that everyone has been highly anticipating. While I don’t know what the level of excitement must be like around the rest of the world, the Royal Couple has received a great deal of media attention here in Canada and I can only imagine what it must be like in England, especially London, right now.

The media frenzy surrounding Price William and Kate has also has seemed to cause great demand and interest in British cuisine. By the time I got round to thinking of making something in honour of the Royal Wedding, it was kind of too late even for something simple so instead I’m posting a recipe round-up of primarily English, or inspired, food that should hit the spot wherever you are if you’re watching the ceremony, which can be watched online (it’s being steamed live on YouTube) or TV. Click over to the official Royal Wedding website for more info on that.

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