Frozen Raspberry Custard

This is a simple, no-fuss frozen custard that I made over the weekend with fresh raspberries. It’s not too sweet and allows the raspberries’ tang to come through. It uses the coconut milk custard that I shared a little over a month ago here – the most you have to wait is for it to freeze, although the custard and raspberries blended together alone are thick and creamy enough for a milkshake, perhaps with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream added for good measure.

You could use an ice cream machine to make this frozen custard, if you have one, but it isn’t necessary. After blending the raspberries and custard together with a hand blender, I simply poured it into a container and stirred it periodically with a spatula, following David Lebovitz’s instructions for making ice cream without a machine.

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Coconut Milk Custard {Dairy-Free}

Strawberries and Custard with Meringue

This custard is only made with egg yolks, honey, and coconut milk. Once the custard has cooked, coconut oil is whisked in and vanilla extract is added to flavour it. In total you only need five ingredients to make it. It’s also naturally dairy-free.

It’s a family favourite I’ve been making a lot lately. I shared it once before here, as a video, but I think it’s time to feature it again. We usually eat it with fresh, sliced strawberries (we have it with other fruit sometimes such as raspberries, sliced, ripe pear, or ripe banana). I’ve found it to be quite versatile for a variety of uses as well such as this frozen custard/yogurt style dessert.

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Scrambled “Green” Eggs (Scrambled Eggs with Wilted Spinach)

For this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! theme it’s all about food inspired by your favourite children’s book. I had some grand ideas, but none of them came to fruition – mostly because they were a little too far flung. I realized that I’d need more than a month to really hone and refine them (difficult, too, when sometimes the food from a book is open to interpretation, especially in the fantasy genre).

The deadline for Go Ahead Honey is this Friday. If you haven’t yet submitted your creation, please do! Email it to me at Please see the original post for further details. The round-up will go live on Monday, April 25th.

I settled on making scrambled eggs with spinach, inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. I don’t know if it is my favourite Seuss book per se, although I do have fond memories of reading Dr. Seuss and being read to – often the same book repeatedly, so that my parents would have memorized it – but forbid that they should recite it.

Whether or not Green Eggs and Ham is my personal favourite, I know it is with most children and often they’ll want to eat the eponymous dish. They don’t need convincing. While it’s easy to simply dye the yolks with some green food colouring and serve them sunny side up with ham on the side (optional), I decided to use spinach instead. It’s a healthier option and you’re getting some greens with it.

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