My Adventures in Fiji

Before we embarked on our journey, my Mum had bought a journal for me to record my adventures. Over the course of the month I spent in Fiji, though, email correspondence would prove to outweigh my journal writing. I found myself writing more details and my experiences in email correspondence to my family than I did in my journal, and that rivaled in length, which tended to be simple writings of the day’s events and weren’t as nuanced as what I wrote in my emails. I write in a journal at home, at times, but it seems there was more personal motivation for correspondence than – as I put it – writing to myself. I still have lots of pages to fill in that journal.

Next to that, I recorded with photos; uploading and editing them at home. (Hover your cursor over the photos in the post for descriptions.)

It took me a while to figure out how to organize this post and, even before that, where to begin and where to start this post. When I started writing, it was in a mostly jumbled, non-linear fashion; vignettes. Interspersed throughout this post are excerpts of emails I wrote back to my family, as I felt suited to the post, as they replaced the majority of my journal writing.

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