Almond Milk Banana Silver Dollar Pancakes (SCD & GFCF)

I had lofty aspirations with these pancakes, nearly all of which fell flat on their faces. First, I’d wanted to make it egg-free: not using any egg substitutes as I have practically nil right now but quickly found that these pancakes do need that structure so these pancakes are no longer egg-free. Other than that, my only other thing was that I’d imagined the pancakes differently somehow but these ones turn out almost like the flourless banana pancakes. They taste like them, too, but with the addition of coconut flour and some other ingredients.

What I did like having the opportunity of though was that I could make itty bitty pancakes and put them here. I don’t know about you, but it almost seems that smaller pancakes are more filling or perhaps that’s just due to the perception that there’s more. Sort of like sweet petites: they’re small but just big enough to satisfy. The recipe that these pancakes are based off is from Cooking with Coconut Flour: a book that explains how to use coconut flour and is filled with a large number of recipes that use coconut flour almost exclusively and most are SCD friendly or are easily adaptable.

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Sugar High Friday #73: Grain-Free

Hello World, Hello New Year – we’re back! And with an exciting announcement: I’m hosting this month’s Sugar High Friday.

Described as an international sweet tooth blogging extravaganza, Sugar High Friday (SHF) was created by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Every month there is a different host and that host gets to pick a theme, whether it’s an ingredient or style of baking and the challenge is to create something based on that theme. I only just participated in my first SHF last week with trifle, so I am extremely honoured to be hosting now.

This month’s theme is grain-free: baking without grains. As sweet is the nature of SHF, you can make any dessert you like as long as it is grain-free, whether this be a flourless dessert such as flourless chocolate cake or a dessert made with almond flour (or other nut flour). Note that if baking isn’t your thing, you can still participate by cooking, or making something raw, sweet or dessert-y that is grain-free.

If you’re new to grain-free baking or you’re not sure what grains are, click to read on after the jump to find out and for participation requirements and the deadline.

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In Perspective: 2010 + Top Ten of the Year

(top to bottom) 1. poached egg on toast (scd & gfcf) 2. apple cobbler (gfcf) 3. flourless apple pancakes (scd & gfcf) 4. honey sweetened marshmallows (scd & gfcf) 5. flourless peanut butter or almond butter chocolate chip cookies (gfcf) 6. banana tarte tatin, or banana upside down puffed pancake (gfcf) 7. roasted bell pepper egg in the basket (scd & gfcf) 8. gluten-free puff pastry (gf) 9. peach melba spoom (scd & gfcf) 10. new orleans style shrimp (scd & gfcf)

A New Year is on our doorstep. Tomorrow it is 2011. I’ll be taking that day off in blogland, but first I’m taking this moment now to reflect upon this year, appreciating all the good things which includes you, Dear Readers, and all my blogging friends who have made my blogging journey that more of an adventure. Truth be told, I’m feeling slightly nostalgic. Last year at this time, I was having camera issues (the camera was on its way out) and I was posting nearly every day.

I’ve grown from that awkward moment of just staggering out a paragraph or two about the recipe, sometimes barely so – sometimes not sure what to say – before launching into the recipe to writing fluidly and knowing what to say, or at least most of the time. There are still days when I’ll stare at the blank screen and not do anything, or I’ll type out a whole lot of fluff for the sake of flexing my muscles before I delete it all; days when I just want to post the recipe without further commentary but somehow find a way to still say something.

This year I hosted a blog event. I’ve made friends. I feel like I keep on repeating myself, but it has been – and continues to be – a whirlwind of an adventure. For the longest time I didn’t share much about myself or insert my character because I thought that the focus should be more on the food and less about me, but I’ve learned that part of what makes food blogs – and any blog, whatever its area – fun to read is the personality and voice behind all those words, as well as fun to write. My primary focus is still the food, though I am learning to being open and sharing more about myself in the process.

Now, for my Top Ten. Since I couldn’t really get into picking my top ten (or twelve) cookbooks of 2010, simply because I didn’t read that many cookbooks actually published this year, I’m opting for what I do know. This year, my criteria for my Top Ten are if it’s a favourite with family and friends and if I’d make it again. Next year, if I do this again, maybe I’ll go with stats or hey! more fun: I’ll have you all vote for the top ten favourites. How’s that sound?

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