Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake (GFCF)

Next to yogurt cakes, I’m a big fan of any cakes that use olive oil and show it with pride right in the recipe name. Despite the kind of citrus used in this recipe, the cake actually has more of a lemony flavour than grapefruit, as my brother described it; he was my first taster and loves this cake.

The original recipe, which I found on Smitten Kitchen, uses the grapefruit segments in the cake. I used a small amount of the grapefruit segments, cut up, into some of the batter and baked a test batch in a little cupcake liner. While I loved the extra fruit in the cake it left a bitter aftertaste that I wasn’t fond of, which I did not get when I ate the grapefruit raw. I’ve read about citrus becoming bitter after baking, even with copious amounts of sugar, but had never experienced it in my own baking until then. Oh well, it did look pretty.

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Gluten-Free Boxty – Irish Potato Pancakes (GFCF)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For St. Patty’s, I decided I wanted to stick to traditional Irish fare as much as possible, no green-coloured food unless it was natural such as veggies, for example. I’d really wanted to make soda bread, with Elizabeth Barbone’s recipe on Serious Eats, but this did not entirely work out in time for me to make it and put it on the blog with enough time before St. Patrick’s Day.

Instead, I’m proffering boxty: potato pancakes, which, according to the recipe I adapted, are traditionally served at the Celtic New Year but I’ve also read from another online source that they are, again traditionally, served on St. Bridget’s Day. Whatever the case, they are positively Irish.

(If you are looking for green food, yesterday I posted matcha marshmallows. Not quite Irish, I know, but they are green and I suppose that’s what counts for most people.)

I really had no idea about these Irish potato pancakes until the Foodista newsletter appeared in my inbox earlier this week. Of all the Irish ideas and recipes suggested, these pancakes stood out for me due to its ease and simplicity. Boxty uses grated, raw potato and mashed potato with buttermilk and flour and, in this recipe’s case, eggs, although I’m sure that they could be easily substituted.

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Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows (SCD & GFCF)

For Japan, I made paper cranes and matcha green tea marshmallows.

Green tea is a large part of Japanese culture. There are several types of green tea based on how the leaves are grown such as climate, growing period, etc. that ultimately affects the cup of tea brewed and how it is used; for example, matcha is traditionally used in and prepared for tea ceremony. Matcha is also a popular ice cream flavour.

Because of the matcha powder, these marshmallows are more on the side of bittersweet. The green tea flavour would pair beautifully with white chocolate, an idea if you can have dairy and sugar. I’ve yet to see a dairy-free white chocolate, let alone sugar-free.

If you like marshmallows but don’t enjoy their often toothachingly sweet aspect, these could be for you. (My previous marshmallows are far less sweet than store-bought and most recipes, but some people’s tastebuds are more fine-tuned to sweetness than others; not to mention personal preferences.)

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