Royal Wedding Buffet

It’s mere hours now before Prince William and Miss Catherine “Kate” Middleton are wed, a wedding that everyone has been highly anticipating. While I don’t know what the level of excitement must be like around the rest of the world, the Royal Couple has received a great deal of media attention here in Canada and I can only imagine what it must be like in England, especially London, right now.

The media frenzy surrounding Price William and Kate has also has seemed to cause great demand and interest in British cuisine. By the time I got round to thinking of making something in honour of the Royal Wedding, it was kind of too late even for something simple so instead I’m posting a recipe round-up of primarily English, or inspired, food that should hit the spot wherever you are if you’re watching the ceremony, which can be watched online (it’s being steamed live on YouTube) or TV. Click over to the official Royal Wedding website for more info on that.

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Guest Blogging for National Autism Awareness Month and My New Newsletter

Today I am guest posting on the blog of Bob’s Red Mill, as part of their campaign for National Autism Awareness Month, with a kid-friendly, gluten-free casein-free recipe for baking powder biscuits.

Autism is something that my family and I are very much involved in. My brother is recovering from and it is because of him and his autism that we became a gluten-free family, in addition to being dairy-free and refined sugar-free, as I write about on this blog’s about page and background. Naturally, it was and is an honour to have participated in a campaign such as that initiated by Bob’s Red Mill and I thank them for giving the opportunity for me to participate.

Read my guest post on Bob’s Red Mill here.

In other news, I have started a newsletter. For now, I have planned it as a bi-weekly newsletter and it has information regarding gluten-free and other news related to allergens as well in addition to what I blog about here. It also has round-ups and highlights of recent blog posts on Z’s Cup of Tea. It will also be another avenue for me to announce my other endeavors in addition to this blog such as if I am guest posting somewhere or any other important news.

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Instant Chocolate Pudding (GFCF)

Without any eggs or dairy cream at all, you can still make a luscious chocolate pudding. The secret? Marshmallows.

Originally a chocolate mousse, I’m still calling it pudding mainly because the coconut cream did not behave the same way as dairy cream would, so it wasn’t mousse-like in the least but surely not faulted. It gets thicker even more so when it’s refrigerated for an extended period of time, such as overnight, to the point of a consistency that is solid enough to resemble a mousse and that you can dig right into with a spoon.

This recipe comes from Nigella Express, which I found via Nigella Lawson’s Quick Collection app and have had bookmarked for sometime, yet only made it now – primarily to use up what I had left of some marshmallows I made for Japan but ultimately, I think, an excuse to whip up something with chocolate.

While the original recipe calls for dark chocolate, I decided to go for semisweet because that’s the kind of chocolate I had on hand and also that I’ve found a few blogs that have stated that the dark chocolate is really for dark chocolate lovers and I wanted this pudding to go all around. Also I found that I could get away with less chocolate than Nigella called for; originally a memory blip on my part and then deciding to go along with my feeling when I double checked the recipe. Despite using a hundred grams less (original recipe calls for 250 grams or 9 ounces) it was still chocolate-y through and through. Rich and deeply satisfying.

The pudding was eaten up, leftovers unheard of; a sure hit.

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