San Francisco: Elizabeth Falkner’s Orson

I don’t hide that I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Falkner. I borrowed her cookbook, Demolition Desserts, from my library twice last year; then later within the same year I had my own copy (a gift from my aunt). We made a detour through San Francisco when my family and I went to Disneyland, California back in October of last year (detailed in these two posts) and I made a stop at Orson, her second restaurant. Elizabeth Falkner made a name for herself with her first restaurant and bakery Citizen Cake along with her inventive, often whimsical, creations or deconstructions of familiar desserts in which only the simple essences are kept or are reinvented but at their core simplicity plays a key role. Both of her restaurants’ names play homage to Orson Welles.

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