Quinoa Fritters or Scramble

I love Donna Hay – before there was an iPad app, I used to have to hunt down the print issues as soon as a new one came out, or my family would find it for me, because once it was gone, it was gone. Since the iPad app, I no longer have hunt down the latest issue, knowing it is only a download away, not to mention with exclusive features like beautiful animation and videos accompanying recipes.

One of the winning streaks about Donna Hay is the simplicity of her recipes. You’ll never find anything overly complicated or fussy, only recipes that are easy to prepare and nothing short of inspiring.

Take these quinoa fritters, for example, which also work just as well as a scramble if you’re not in the mood for fritters or don’t feel like shaping fritters. Quinoa is mixed with cut up bacon, mashed white kidney (cannellini) beans, broccoli, and cheese (the original recipe uses mozzarella but the Gruyere I had on hand also worked). I was lucky to get the one photo at the top of this post, since it was all gone quickly. Everybody liked it. I know I’ll be making them again, at some point.

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Iceberg and Crispy Onion Salad (GFCF)

With spring comes salads and – let me say – I love salads. This particular salad comes from Donna Hay’s Seasons, which is organized by seasons and furthermore broken down into sweet and savoury. It was one of the first recipes that jumped out at me and that I bookmarked for future reference, although I only made it now. It doesn’t disappoint.

This is a slightly more humble presentation – it’s originally assembled in a manner that stacks the iceberg lettuce rounds and onion rings, topped with a poached egg. I wasn’t too sure how to eat that (with a knife and fork?) so this way I think is a little more approachable. No need to be wondering how to go about eating something so simple as salad.

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