A Temporary Solution Re: Leaving Comments

Commenting on blogs hosted on WordPress.com has been slightly inconvenienced (depending on one’s view) since the necessity to login to comment was rolled out sometime last year. I made a post about back it then and only recently have found a solution thanks to contacting WordPress.com’s support about it. It was right in front of my nose.*

Now when you leave a comment, you have the option to either include your email address or not. If you include your email address, you’ll still have to login with your WordPress.com or Gravatar password if WordPress.com recognizes your email as being associated with an account. If you do not include an email address, your comment will immediately appear on the site. (It may appear with the message “comment awaiting approval” if you do not have a previously approved comment.)

If you prefer, you can still login to WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook to leave a comment by clicking the respective icon.

It is only a temporary solution, but I hope this way makes it easier for everyone. There is greater risk of spam this way, however Akismet is very good at catching the majority of it so I barely need to moderate it. I’ve had this setting toggled for a little over a week and there hasn’t been a big difference from the usual spam volume.

The only thing that might make it tricky is when I do giveaways. Normally an email address is required to contact the winner, so I’ll try to find a workaround for this.

*For WordPress.com bloggers who are interested, go into your dashboard and under settings > discussion, make sure the setting “comment author must fill out name and e-mail” isn’t checked. Be sure to save your settings.