Birthday Girl

Last Saturday was my nineteenth birthday and I celebrated it in style, wearing my favourite bright red skinny jeans and Edward Scissorhands tee shirt with my pearl necklace. Last but not least, the outfit was completed with my new birthday boots.

My Dad says the multi-coloured buttons down the sides look like smarties. I saw them in a window at a mall around Christmas and I had wanted them so much since. I was so pleased then to get them for my birthday that I felt myself glowing and even more so when I wore them and have been getting compliments left and right.

I had lunch at Granville Island with my aunt and grandmother. Afterward I got a couple props for my blogging at the Kitchenware Market, one of the stores in the Net Loft. You’ll be seeing them in action soon – in fact, you might have already in my Baileys post (the red and white drinking straw). The rest of my presents were two Donna Hay Essentials cookbooks (Chocolate and Beef, Lamb + Pork) and a mighty explosion of Boosh: pins, The Pocket Book of Boosh, and a Mighty Boosh tee shirt. Someone was a happy girl!

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