Curried Cabbage Soup


This soup has long been a family favourite, found on that old recipe site RecipeZaar. Does anyone remember RecipeZaar? Until my Mum suggested to me to blog this recipe, we thought that website was gone and lost forever; thankful that we had printed it so many years ago and had found it again. Well, as it turns out, I learned that RecipeZaar is now and I decided to search for the recipe (for research purposes) and there it was, exactly the same one we had printed.

Like many family favourites, however, we’ve tweaked the soup and adjusted it to our own tastes to make it our own. The print-out has crossed out ingredients, handwritten notes for what to use instead. For example, the original recipe was vegetarian, using tofu, but we use pork instead nowadays.

Since finding our printed copy again, we’ve been enjoying this soup during the cold winter months. It’s a lovely, filling soup – sometimes more like stew – with lots of cabbage and flavour and spice from the curry powder (store-bought can be used, although I’ve also been making our own with a slightly modified version of this recipe from

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A New Adventure

It’s been a good, almost three months that I started a new blog and I’m just feeling ready now to share it. This will be my third blog, after Z’s Cup of Tea, and it is one that I have had the intention of starting for some time and one that is close to my heart.

My new blog is called Writer’s Bone – you can read on the about page why it’s named as such; it is a blog where I’ve started to share my literary aspirations and interests. I started Writer’s Bone with my intention of stepping forward to realize my lifelong dream of being a writer. I have had  – and have – other interests, whether passing phases or ones that I wish to pursue further, yet writing has remained a constant in my life so far and it’s something that I have made the conscious decision to devote myself to.

Rest assured, I will still be posting here at Z’s Cup of Tea and also trend & chic. For here, I have a recipe coming up – right after this post! – and an exciting feature later this week.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.27.27 AM

Back in December, you might recall that I reviewed Puro  Fairtrade Coffee, a brand from a European company called Miko Coffee that is particularly famous for roasting acorns when there was a coffee bean shortage during World War II.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee is commited to helping preserve and protect rainforests through their Fairtrade work and partnership with World Land Trust, a UK-based land conservation charity whose patron is Sir David Attenborough and with whom they launched a webcam in the rainforest to highlight endangered species and their disappearing habitats. From their website: “Money from each bag of Puro coffee sold goes towards buying and protecting areas of rainforest vital for biodiversity in coffee producing countries.”

Since trying it, we’ve been enjoying their coffee on a frequent basis; our favourite is Puro Organic, a blend noted for its smooth, gentle flavour and that is one hundred per cent Arabica beans, which are naturally lower in caffeine.

It is my pleasure, therefore, to announce  that I am hosting a giveaway for Puro Coffee! This giveaway is sponsored by Puro Fairtrade Coffee and is being held on the Z’s Cup of Tea Facebook page. (The code used by Rafflecopter is  not supported on and gets stripped out if I try to enter it.)

To enter, here are the rules and guidelines:

  • You must enter this giveaway on Facebook and like the Z’s Cup of Tea page. A comment on this blog post does not make you eligible to win.
  • Enter the giveaway with your Facebook login or email address in the Rafflecopter form in the appropriate fields required.
  • This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Europe. One winner will be chosen for this giveaway. Upon winning, the winner will receive 1 hamper containing the following: 1 Puro Bio-Organic 250g bag (medium roast combining soft notes of sweet chocolate with tangy citrus), 1 Puro Noble 250g bag (rich and lively medium roast, with hints of fruit and hazelnut), 1 Puro Fuerte 250g bag (fragrant roast with a touch of spice and full body), and 1 Puro Cup and Saucer. The winner will be contacted by a representative of Puro Fairtrade Coffee to ensure that you receive your coffee!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Jessica D.!