Coconut Macaroon Pancakes (SCD & GFCF)

I was on the phone with my aunt the other day, last week actually, and she brought up my blog – “Zoe hasn’t posted anything in a week! What’s going on?” I laughed, telling her that I had written up about eight (including the sandwich wraps) posts within the past week, the only thing that delayed me to post them sooner was the photos. The other thing is that I’m always getting ideas and I write up a draft post, planning to share this wonderful creation, and all these drafts pile up.

I’ve had the idea for these pancakes simmering for a while on the back burner – nearly two months, and I’m only getting to it now – after I saw a recipe for macaroon pancakes on 101 Cookbooks. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t sure if these would work out and if they did, how would people (my family) like them? How well would they be received? Any shadows of doubt vanished after my brother told me they looked like the ones we used to have – meaning pre-SCD and gluten-free days. He happily ate two (they’re filling) – at the end of the video (where you see this plate of pancakes, pictured, taken to the table) he said, “Pancakes!” but the camera didn’t pick it up that well – or maybe the volume has to be cranked up a bit? I’m not sure. Everyone else liked them, too.

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The Best Homemade Marshmallows, Sugar and Corn Syrup Free! (GFCF) Plus, the Great Outdoors

This past week you’ve seen new recipes posted, your comments appearing sooner or later – but, where’s Zoe? Normally she replies in a timely – almost immediate – manner to my comments, you’re saying. (Rest assured, folks, all your comments, questions, have been replied to and answered.)

We went camping! That’s right, my family and I were in the great outdoors last week (if you count today, Sunday, as the first day of the week), with no Internet connection! I made the appropriate arrangements to whip up some stuff ahead of time and schedule the posts so that, while we were away, Z’s Cup of Tea could continue running and, more or less, take care of itself till yours truly came back.

While camping, I took out my camera (yes! a new camera, from my dear grandma, thank you! I’ve secretly named the camera Cherry, after its burgundy red colour.) and just clicked away, resulting in hundreds of photos – most taken by me, but there were some by other family members. I took some food shots, too, but not many – it was a holiday after all, and I was more interested in eating the food this time than focusing a lense on it.

I also had fun using the portable propane stove, boiling water for tea and rice noodles (which we had with tomato sauce), and scrambling eggs with mushroom and green onions, and making cinnamon apples on our last day for breakfast.

We had a campfire, too, though in all the busyness – and despite preparing posts in advance for while I was away – I didn’t get to making marshmallows before we went, which I was a little disappointed about as I’d really been wanting to test them over the fire and also get a few cool photos of a homemade marshmallow being toasted, plus the possibilities of s’mores and all that marshmallow-y good stuff.

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How to Dice an Onion

[This was supposed to have been published yesterday, but somehow didn’t go through? The Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free! Cream of the Crops: Dairy-Free Delights round-up will be published tomorrow can be seen here!]

I borrowed The Zuni Cafe Cookbook by Judy Rodgers from the library, prompted by reading The Butcher and the Vegetarian, which I mentioned in my last entry. I didn’t expect it to be such a hefty thing but size and weight aside, I’ve found some really good, simple recipes to make from it. One of the first things I tried out of it was dicing an onion. I’ve been chopping onions almost as long as I’ve been cooking, but never did I come across this technique of dicing an onion until I saw it in The Zuni Cafe Cookbook. I’ve practiced it already more times than I can count, and it’s my new favourite way of chopping up onions – so much so that I want to share it here.

It’s very simple and all it uses are two cuts. In the book’s instructions, it’s suggested that you switch to a chef’s knife for the dicing, but I just used the serrated knife I started with.

Watch the video or follow along with the photos below.

Cut off the ends of an onion, peel it, and slice in half, lengthwise. Don’t core it, as this is what helps keep the onion together.

Neatly slice one half, crosswise. I make my slices almost paper thin but it’s up to you.

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