Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup

sweet potato and coconut soup

Hello, hello! As we tread into the last week of the first month of 2014, I hope that you all have had a Happy New Year so far. I have been occupied with Pressgram (as you may be able to tell from my regular tweeting and retweeting – big changes coming soon!) and personal projects, one aspect of which I plan to reveal soon.

I made this soup earlier this month, or during the spell just before New Year’s (it’s all a blur), from a new cookbook I got for Christmas from a friend. Featuring a variety of vegetable-based dishes (okay, vegetarian) from savoury to sweet, with an emphasis on cooking and some baking recipes, this soup was one of the recipes that I immediately bookmarked.

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MimicCreme Healthy Top {Product Review}

I was so excited to hear about this fabulous dessert topping from Mrs. S., one of the Moms who have made some of the recipes listed on Z’s Cup of Tea, that I had to try it – Thank You, Mrs. S!

If you’re looking for a great alternative to whipped cream, MimicCreme Healthy Top is the perfect substitute. My whole family loves it! It’s like a cross between whipped cream and marshmallow and it’s a cinch to whip up. Made with cashews, almonds, and coconut oil, it’s dairy-free and soy-free, but it doesn’t taste nutty or like coconut at all, and it’s not too sweet, either.

Use it as you would use whipped cream to accompany something. (It’s not suitable for freezing or cooking with, according to the instructions.) We’ve served it with fresh berries (raspberries go especially well with the Healthy Top’s flavour) and my brother has also blended it with strawberries to make a kind of milkshake that, in his words, “is like a milkshake you would find in a fast food restaurant”. It’s just as thick, too. It’s also great to use as a topping for pie.

We found it at our local Whole Foods. You can look where you can buy it in your country on MimicCreme’s website or online. You’ll also find instructions for how to whip the Healthy Top there as well.

All opinions expressed here are my own. MimicCreme did not pay or ask me to review their product and did not send it to me for free.