Facebook vs. Twitter

This evening I posted on to the Z’s Cup of Tea Facebook wall that I rarely login to Facebook and that I’m more active on Twitter. Before today, I don’t remember the last time that I logged in or even posted a status message or shared a link. Nowadays I mostly share my blog posts there via WordPress.com’s Publicize feature. I also shared my Facebook post on Twitter:

I’m also posting it here because there are many still who aren’t on either Facebook or Twitter, or don’t go to these sites. The primary reason why I am posting here, though, is to explain more about why I’m not really on Facebook and why I use Twitter more.

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Season’s Greetings! Plus Sneak Peek for January

Dear Readers,

To those of you who celebrate and enjoy this time of year, Merry Christmas! To those of you who don’t, I hope you have a good time all the same. Thank you to everyone who has visited Z’s Cup of Tea, left comments, and emailed me as well as the tweets and follows on Twitter and sharing on Facebook throughout this year of 2012. I read them all and do my best to respond to every single one. All of your feedback and support is appreciated and I am grateful for it.

For the month of December, I know I’ve been quite negligent in my blogging (including no new holiday baking recipes, unfortunately). I had wanted to do so much more, but ultimately it didn’t end up that way. Some of the ideas I had and things I wanted to post about have been pushed to Christmas next year or until January.

Some things to look forward to in January 2013:

A cookbook giveaway (and review)
A post on personal health and wellness
New recipes and more reviews

These are things just lined up so far! There will be more as I plan and as we go into the New Year.

Merry Christmas!



P.S. This is the first time I’m emailing my blog, so forgive me if this post looks wonky.

Kitchen Confidence

Model peanut butter chocolate chip cookie http://instagr.am/p/HR1QQXkF7S/

The only thing I’m able to make properly right now, it seems, is peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. My other baking endeavours haven’t been successful in how I expected them to be.

On Tuesday I tried making rice crackers. The flavour was there, but they were so hard that I feared someone would break a tooth.

Yesterday I tried making chocolate meringue cookies, but had to make them into cupcakes: the batter was too runny. I think it was probably something to do with using honey instead of powdered sugar. The cupcakes turned out well, though, dense and fudgey, with an intense chocolate flavour suited to only the best chocolate cake you can imagine. Nothing half-fast. The kind you’d want to eat with vanilla ice cream. I wrote a beautiful post about those cookies last year (it’s in my drafts), when I first discovered the recipe around this time last year. Now I’m not sure if that post will see the light of day – I mean, your screen. Anyway.

(Allow me to move on before I start confusing myself over whether that last sentence makes any sense.)

My main reason for writing this is that I don’t know where my baking mojo’s gone. I’m generally confident in the kitchen, I don’t often make mistakes or have things flop on me. My ultimate testament to that is that I made gluten-free puff pastry perfectly the first time I tried.

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