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Dear Readers,

If you are subscribed to Z’s Cup of Tea via email, you’ll have received a new post for pear sorbet. (If you didn’t receive it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Emails from can sometimes accidentally end up there.) It was a draft and I didn’t mean to post it. I was working on it in the WordPress iOS app when my finger accidentally slipped across the publish button. Touchscreen technology can be slippery sometimes!

I’ll be posting the completed post with the recipe later this week.

In the meantime, my apologies for any confusion it might have caused.


Zoe of Z’s Cup of Tea

Issue with Leaving Comments?

A while back rolled out an option for commenting that required logging into, which requires having a registered username. It was unannounced and most bloggers remained unaware of this possible dilemma (I call it a possible dilemma because not every blog on had that option toggled) unless they checked the forums – the way I first found out about it, in this lengthy thread, plus conversation on Twitter – or somehow their readers communicated this to them, if possible. As it may be expected, this change has had mixed reactions from bloggers.

I have talked about this at least a couple of times on my Twitter and thought it would be a good idea to post about it here in case you’ve missed it, and or have been experiencing this issue with leaving comments as well. I understand that not all of my readers may be on social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

The good news is, I have never had this option enabled that you must be registered and logged in to leave a comment. You are required to fill in your name and email (which is never used by me) to leave a comment, unless you login using Twitter or Facebook, but that is all. If you should ever see a message that requires you to login to leave a comment, it is probably a glitch, in which case try to reload the page, or you tried using an email address associated with a or Gravatar account in which case you will be prompted to login. (See this forum post.) Note: please copy and paste your comment before clicking submit in case it gets wiped from the comment field! If the problem persists, please contact me and I’ll try to get it sorted out as best I can that is within my power.

Extra note to any of my readers who are also bloggers — the setting that makes your readers have to login to leave a comment is the one circled in red (“Users must be registered and logged in to comment”) in the screenshot below. It’s accessed from your Dashboard > Settings > Discussion.

In most instances, it is recommended that this option setting isn’t checked (enabled) as most people do not want to login or make a username in order to just leave a comment on a post. It will drive your readers away. (I have a similar issue with blogs that use Disqus for comments.)

(This may or may not have affected those blogging with Please check your discussion settings under your blog’s dashboard to make sure.)