My Adventures in Fiji

Before we embarked on our journey, my Mum had bought a journal for me to record my adventures. Over the course of the month I spent in Fiji, though, email correspondence would prove to outweigh my journal writing. I found myself writing more details and my experiences in email correspondence to my family than I did in my journal, and that rivaled in length, which tended to be simple writings of the day’s events and weren’t as nuanced as what I wrote in my emails. I write in a journal at home, at times, but it seems there was more personal motivation for correspondence than – as I put it – writing to myself. I still have lots of pages to fill in that journal.

Next to that, I recorded with photos; uploading and editing them at home. (Hover your cursor over the photos in the post for descriptions.)

It took me a while to figure out how to organize this post and, even before that, where to begin and where to start this post. When I started writing, it was in a mostly jumbled, non-linear fashion; vignettes. Interspersed throughout this post are excerpts of emails I wrote back to my family, as I felt suited to the post, as they replaced the majority of my journal writing.

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Back from Fiji!


Hello Dear Readers,

It’s been a week since I’ve come back from Fiji. I came back home with my Dad and sister on Sunday, the day before Halloween. I had a really good time, and it only hit me as soon as I arrived home just how much I missed being in Fiji. I really want to go back again one day!

Since coming home, I’ve edited a handful or so of photos on my iPad, although I haven’t had the time to write a proper post. It’s going to be a bit longer until I’m able to sit down and write, and arrange photos in a coherent fashion, but I thought I would write this in the meantime to let you know I am back and that I’ll be posting again really soon. 🙂 (I’ve posted on Twitter, though I’m aware you all may not be on Twitter or check it.)

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Bula Fiji!

Dear Readers,

I am writing this from Fiji! I’m here for a month with my Dad and sister visiting my grandfather and grandmother. Today is our first day here, proper. The trip itself has been so much of an adventure and it was also the first time that my sister and I have been on a plane. I like flying, except for the turbulence. I don’t know if or when I’ll ever get used to it.

This is, basically, an opportunity of a lifetime so I want to be here for all of it and be in the moment – I didn’t even bring my iPod Touch! Thus, I won’t be blogging as much or responding to comments or approving them as quickly as I usually do (if you’ve commented on my posts before, your comment should come right through without needing approval) as well as responding to emails. I also won’t be as active on Twitter.

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