3 DIY Egg Replacers for Baking

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In light of the massive eggs recall happening in the United States due to salmonella contamination, I’m sharing some tips today regarding egg alternatives in baking.

If you have eggs in your fridge, bought before the recall, this helpful articleexplains how to see if the eggs are involved in the recall by the egg carton’s “sell by” date and the two numbers below it. Note, however, that there is no way of telling if an egg is contaminated with salmonella or not; a salmonella-contaminated egg will look, smell, and cook just like an uncontaminated egg.

While the high temperatures required for baking would kill the salmonella, it’s better safe than sorry. Depending on the recipe, eggs can’t always be easily substituted but for those recipes in which they can be replaced by an egg replacer, here are three DIY egg replacers that you can make right at home, and most likely with ingredients you already have on hand.

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