Royal Wedding Buffet

It’s mere hours now before Prince William and Miss Catherine “Kate” Middleton are wed, a wedding that everyone has been highly anticipating. While I don’t know what the level of excitement must be like around the rest of the world, the Royal Couple has received a great deal of media attention here in Canada and I can only imagine what it must be like in England, especially London, right now.

The media frenzy surrounding Price William and Kate has also has seemed to cause great demand and interest in British cuisine. By the time I got round to thinking of making something in honour of the Royal Wedding, it was kind of too late even for something simple so instead I’m posting a recipe round-up of primarily English, or inspired, food that should hit the spot wherever you are if you’re watching the ceremony, which can be watched online (it’s being steamed live on YouTube) or TV. Click over to the official Royal Wedding website for more info on that.

For more recipes, check out my recipe index.

More British fare from other bloggers

If you have any British food recipes on your blog, leave a link to your recipe in a comment and I’ll add them.

Sugar High Friday, the Round Up

Woohoo! We made it – today’s a special day, the one we’ve all been waiting for: the Sugar High Friday round-up. (Well, there’s another reason for today being a special day but we’ll touch on that next Monday or Tuesday. ;))

The theme for January 2011 was grain-free. The challenge was to cook or bake something that was sweet and without grains. I must say that the entries we have here are outstanding! It always amazes me how easy grain-free really is and also what can be made without grains, especially in the realm of baking.

A Sin-Free Chocolate Mousse from Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes. Sometimes you find the best things in the most unlikely places: Jacqueline found this recipe in a baby cookbook, yet that doesn’t stop it from being liked by older children and adults alike! It’s also a cinch to whip up.

Kaitlin of Whisk Kid presents a Pear, Almond and Coconut Flognarde – adapted from moi! Naturally, I am both honoured and flattered by this gesture. If you’ve heard of – better yet, tasted – clafoutis you will be familiar with flognarde, which is fundamentally the same but when it is made with fruit other than cherries, it is renamed flognarde. However, this distinction does not seem to be paid much attention to, at least here in North America. Whatever the name, it is a deliciously light dessert that’s something of a cross between a custard and pudding and suitable for all seasons.

For those of who like dessert and booze, perhaps a Bailey’s cocktail in the form of macarons is up your alley? Magpie of Magpies Recipes made Bailey’s Macaron Cocktails – or Mactails, based on a recipe from Tartelette. This just reminds me of my long wanting to make macarons – I’ve read more than I could list off the top of my head for a number of years, before macarons had even become all the rage they are now.

Deanna of The Mommy Bowl made Bossk Brownies inspired from a Star Wars cookbook – who wouldn’t fall for something like this? And who wouldn’t love to eat something named after a Star Wars character? (I happened to flip through that very Star Wars cookbook sometime last summer and thus can attest to the mass appeal it would have for Stars Wars fans and non-fans alike.) They’re also refined sugar-free and vegan.

Courtney of C&C Cakery made chocolate puddle cookies with a recipe adapted from 101 Cookbooks. They’re crunchy, chewy, and chocolaty – if you’re not avoiding refined sugar, these would be a treat for Valentine’s Day. From Courtney’s blog, C&C Cakery has “been making bizarre and unique cakes and treats for years in our Victoria home. Now that we’ve moved to Vancouver, we’ve decided to take our little hobby out into the world and share our tasty imagination with others.” I promise you’ll be lingering on C&C Cakery for a good while and emailing your friends – I know I was!

Melanie of The Grecian Garden made, in her words, a throwback to her grandmother’s old-fashioned butterscotch pie. With an almond flour crust, her version is also refined sugar-free with a dairy-free option. After receiving it in my inbox, I quickly bookmarked it for my to-do list. I made the filling to make butterscotch pudding and it was a hit!

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Sugar High Friday #73: Grain-Free

Hello World, Hello New Year – we’re back! And with an exciting announcement: I’m hosting this month’s Sugar High Friday.

Described as an international sweet tooth blogging extravaganza, Sugar High Friday (SHF) was created by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess. Every month there is a different host and that host gets to pick a theme, whether it’s an ingredient or style of baking and the challenge is to create something based on that theme. I only just participated in my first SHF last week with trifle, so I am extremely honoured to be hosting now.

This month’s theme is grain-free: baking without grains. As sweet is the nature of SHF, you can make any dessert you like as long as it is grain-free, whether this be a flourless dessert such as flourless chocolate cake or a dessert made with almond flour (or other nut flour). Note that if baking isn’t your thing, you can still participate by cooking, or making something raw, sweet or dessert-y that is grain-free.

If you’re new to grain-free baking or you’re not sure what grains are, click to read on after the jump to find out and for participation requirements and the deadline.

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