Dairy-Free and Egg-Free Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

Last year I won a copy of Amy Green‘s cookbook, Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free in a giveaway that was hosted by Alta of Tasty Eats at Home. As I’ve shared and mentioned before here, I first met Amy when she was the hostess of the virtual recipe round-up Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free! and later, as we got to know each other better, she invited me to guest post on her blog. Coincidentally enough, I’ll be sharing a recipe next Monday as part of the launch of a new website she and Maggie (She Let Them Eat Cake) have started called Balanced Platter.

This vanilla pudding, and its chocolate variation, is a simple and effortless recipe that you can easily pull together with few ingredients, most likely already in your fridge or pantry. As there are no eggs used, it’s also vegan. (Honey is used, whether or not it is vegan is a topic of debate, although you can use any sweetener of your choice and that you feel comfy with.)

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Instant Chocolate Pudding (GFCF)

Without any eggs or dairy cream at all, you can still make a luscious chocolate pudding. The secret? Marshmallows.

Originally a chocolate mousse, I’m still calling it pudding mainly because the coconut cream did not behave the same way as dairy cream would, so it wasn’t mousse-like in the least but surely not faulted. It gets thicker even more so when it’s refrigerated for an extended period of time, such as overnight, to the point of a consistency that is solid enough to resemble a mousse and that you can dig right into with a spoon.

This recipe comes from Nigella Express, which I found via Nigella Lawson’s Quick Collection app and have had bookmarked for sometime, yet only made it now – primarily to use up what I had left of some marshmallows I made for Japan but ultimately, I think, an excuse to whip up something with chocolate.

While the original recipe calls for dark chocolate, I decided to go for semisweet because that’s the kind of chocolate I had on hand and also that I’ve found a few blogs that have stated that the dark chocolate is really for dark chocolate lovers and I wanted this pudding to go all around. Also I found that I could get away with less chocolate than Nigella called for; originally a memory blip on my part and then deciding to go along with my feeling when I double checked the recipe. Despite using a hundred grams less (original recipe calls for 250 grams or 9 ounces) it was still chocolate-y through and through. Rich and deeply satisfying.

The pudding was eaten up, leftovers unheard of; a sure hit.

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Butterscotch Pudding (SCD & GFCF)

Yesterday was National Pie Day, a perfect excuse to gussy up a pie. Well, things happened – I improvised – now we have butterscotch pudding to account for, which was really intended to fill a graham cracker crumb crust but the crackers didn’t quite happen either.

The hat goes off to Melanie of The Grecian Garden for this pudding. She submitted a grain-free butterscotch pie for Sugar High Friday (today’s the last day to send in your entry, folks, until midnight!) and as soon as I saw it I knew: I wanted to make it. Now. While Melanie’s crust uses almond flour, I opted for a gluten-free graham cracker crust using Elizabeth Barbone’s recipe from Serious Eats – a recipe I’ve been eyeing for a good while. The crackers as far as actual crackers go didn’t go as planned but I got some nice cookie bars that were gobbled down and I had to make a second round of them.

I got excited when I first saw the ingredients for the pie filling because, besides having all the ingredients on hand, its base is very similar – if not the same – as an SCD candy that I’ve made several times. It’s like a caramel sauce, using just coconut milk and honey.

On its own, the honey and coconut milk candy quickly sets as it cools, hardening and making it nearly impossible to scrape off but add some butter or coconut oil and it becomes a proper caramel sauce in its own right. The addition of eggs and vanilla make it into a pudding that can then be eaten on its own with a spoon, used as pie filling (as was originally intended here), or anything your imagination strikes a fancy to.

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