Crispy-Skinned Potato Wedges or Fries (GFCF)

For years those crispy, homemade fries have eluded me, specifically the kind of oven-baked persuasion. I’m scared of deep-frying, so making fries the traditional route is out. Besides of which, even if I wasn’t scared of deep-frying, I’m still concerned about the amount of oil leftover…what do you do with it and how do you get rid of it? You can only use leftover oil so many times.

At home, we’ve always made the “fries” in the oven and although they do taste good, they’ve never had that crispy outer layer or taste quite like fast food and restaurant fries do. Maybe I just wasn’t letting the potatoes bake long enough in the oven, or I wasn’t patient enough to let them get to that crispy-skinned state, I don’t know, but I found my potato bliss when, on a whim, I put them under the broiler. I heard sizzling, I heard popping. I looked, and there was that unmistakable crispiness. And they tasted just as good as deep-fried fries. Oh yes, and did I mention that they’re crunchy, too?

People, the secret to great homemade, restaurant-style potato wedges (or fries) is the broiler.

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