Gluten-Free Tomato and Basil Primavera Pasta

One other recipe that caught my eye when I was reading Jacques Pépin’s The Apprentice, was for pasta primavera. (The first one was for eggs Jeannette.) One thing I love so much about M. Pépin’s recipes are their utter simplicity and ease; often this includes ingredients already in your kitchen.

This pasta was an instant hit with my family and it is on our repeat list. Everyone wanted seconds! The tomatoes and basil, with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, marinate for a time while the noodles cook. It flavours the pasta, giving a pleasant and satisfying taste.

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Guest Post: Rice Vermicelli with Tomato Sauce (GFCF)

I’ve written time and again about my brother and how he has played – and continues to play – an integral part of my blogging. If it wasn’t for him I’m sure I wouldn’t have started cooking and baking gluten-free and dairy-free, and much less thought of starting a food blog. So when he asked me if he could guest post here and share a recipe, the answer was of course!  Please give a warm welcome to my little brother who is sharing an easy, basic recipe for tomato sauce served with rice vermicelli.

He was inspired to make this after seeing a recipe for spaghetti with tomato sauce in The Silver Spoon for Children – a delightful cookbook, by the way, with charming illustrations – which, after looking at the recipe, seems to be a basic tomato sauce, if not a staple, in Italian cooking with olive oil and garlic, sometimes with the addition of fresh basil, since there is a similar recipe in another Italian cookbook, The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces and our family’s been making this sauce for years.

After some debate on how to put together this post, we decided upon a comic strip format and to present it in a slideshow. We both hope you enjoy it.

Here are some strips from the slideshow for a little peek if you’re reading this in your email or RSS feed. Click after the jump to see the slideshow and recipe.

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