Flourless Pancake Flipping 101

Pancakes are one of those tricky fish when it comes to flipping, especially so when it comes to flipping the flourless variety. I was going to post something savoury today (click here for a sneak peek) but that will have to be tomorrow or later this week, since I’m taking charge to address the sometimes challenge of flipping flourless pancakes, focusing on banana pancakes, thanks to a comment that a reader left on the original post, asking for any tips on better flipping. I responded with my own comment, though I thought it would be best to expand and this is it.

I made a video and also took pictures for those who maybe can’t watch videos on YouTube (or any videos for that matter), depending where you are as you’re reading this or whatever you’re using to view this post doesn’t support it, etc., etc. Win-win for everyone! Plus, I include some additional detail and tips that are not in the video.

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Flourless Apple Pancakes (SCD & GFCF)

Autumn is here, at least on this side of the hemisphere, and what better way to welcome in the change of season and weather with warm apple pancakes? Of course, they can be eaten cold or room temperature as well: I’ve packed them for lunches before. I was reminded to make them again one day when I wanted to make pancakes but didn’t really have any usual pancake ingredients on hand. Making them also provided my answer to what to do for this month’s Go Ahead Honey, this month’s theme being healthy school lunches – and apple pancakes just made out of grated apple and egg, with a little cinnamon, sounds pretty healthy to me, and filling. If you want to participate in this month’s Go Ahead Honey, click here for more info.

If you think you’ve seen these pancakes here before, you’re right. I wanted to do them over, though, since my photography’s improved and also including my own tips in the recipe (which includes a video), plus any possible, additional details I didn’t get into the first time. My recipe writing has developed considerably as well since those first early posts – those early ones are still easy to read and understand, allowing the recipes to be made successfully, but I like my writing now to be a little more involved than just instructions, such as smells and tastes, and tips I’ve picked up that I think help with the process whether it’s a recipe from a cookbook or not.

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Coconut Macaroon Pancakes (SCD & GFCF)

I was on the phone with my aunt the other day, last week actually, and she brought up my blog – “Zoe hasn’t posted anything in a week! What’s going on?” I laughed, telling her that I had written up about eight (including the sandwich wraps) posts within the past week, the only thing that delayed me to post them sooner was the photos. The other thing is that I’m always getting ideas and I write up a draft post, planning to share this wonderful creation, and all these drafts pile up.

I’ve had the idea for these pancakes simmering for a while on the back burner – nearly two months, and I’m only getting to it now – after I saw a recipe for macaroon pancakes on 101 Cookbooks. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t sure if these would work out and if they did, how would people (my family) like them? How well would they be received? Any shadows of doubt vanished after my brother told me they looked like the ones we used to have – meaning pre-SCD and gluten-free days. He happily ate two (they’re filling) – at the end of the video (where you see this plate of pancakes, pictured, taken to the table) he said, “Pancakes!” but the camera didn’t pick it up that well – or maybe the volume has to be cranked up a bit? I’m not sure. Everyone else liked them, too.

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