Gluten-Free Boxty – Irish Potato Pancakes (GFCF)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For St. Patty’s, I decided I wanted to stick to traditional Irish fare as much as possible, no green-coloured food unless it was natural such as veggies, for example. I’d really wanted to make soda bread, with Elizabeth Barbone’s recipe on Serious Eats, but this did not entirely work out in time for me to make it and put it on the blog with enough time before St. Patrick’s Day.

Instead, I’m proffering boxty: potato pancakes, which, according to the recipe I adapted, are traditionally served at the Celtic New Year but I’ve also read from another online source that they are, again traditionally, served on St. Bridget’s Day. Whatever the case, they are positively Irish.

(If you are looking for green food, yesterday I posted matcha marshmallows. Not quite Irish, I know, but they are green and I suppose that’s what counts for most people.)

I really had no idea about these Irish potato pancakes until the Foodista newsletter appeared in my inbox earlier this week. Of all the Irish ideas and recipes suggested, these pancakes stood out for me due to its ease and simplicity. Boxty uses grated, raw potato and mashed potato with buttermilk and flour and, in this recipe’s case, eggs, although I’m sure that they could be easily substituted.

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Almond Milk Banana Silver Dollar Pancakes (SCD & GFCF)

I had lofty aspirations with these pancakes, nearly all of which fell flat on their faces. First, I’d wanted to make it egg-free: not using any egg substitutes as I have practically nil right now but quickly found that these pancakes do need that structure so these pancakes are no longer egg-free. Other than that, my only other thing was that I’d imagined the pancakes differently somehow but these ones turn out almost like the flourless banana pancakes. They taste like them, too, but with the addition of coconut flour and some other ingredients.

What I did like having the opportunity of though was that I could make itty bitty pancakes and put them here. I don’t know about you, but it almost seems that smaller pancakes are more filling or perhaps that’s just due to the perception that there’s more. Sort of like sweet petites: they’re small but just big enough to satisfy. The recipe that these pancakes are based off is from Cooking with Coconut Flour: a book that explains how to use coconut flour and is filled with a large number of recipes that use coconut flour almost exclusively and most are SCD friendly or are easily adaptable.

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Banana Tarte Tatin, or Banana Upside Down Puffed Pancake (GFCF)

Glorified banana pancakes, upside down. Months back when I took the sensibilities of tarte tatin and pancakes and turned it into an apple upside down puffed pancake,  shortly after posting it I made a version with bananas. I didn’t post about it, though, because I thought, well, I already covered the tarte tatin pancake. I’d hit that tricky spot in food blogging where one starts asking herself: should I blog about this or don’t I because I’ve already blogged something similar? Just leave it as a suggestion in the head note. Well, I didn’t leave a suggestion in the head note so here we are.

Oh, true. I could go back and make that adjustment – but wouldn’t it be more fun to devote an entire post to this glorious sensibility of a tarte tatin turned upside down pancake? I made two tarte tatin pancakes – one apple, the other this banana one, for a Christmas party and everyone loved it. I’ve made them several times before but I especially liked how the banana one came out this time. It was just perfect and the coconut milk in the batter blended beautifully with the fruit; it was sort of like banana cream pie but without the fuss. (My brother kept making jokes, referring to it as a banana cream pie.) It tasted like the best banana pancakes you could eat – glorified.

How you go about to make this is fairly simple: you slice ripe but firm, spotty-skinned bananas into the bottom of a parchment paper-lined, greased or buttered pie plate or pan and sprinkle the banana slices lightly with cinnamon and drizzle or squirt some lemon juice over it before pouring the pancake batter on top and popping it in the oven for half an hour.

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