Coconut Milk Beef Sauce (GFCF)

I recently read Tara Austen Weaver’s (Tea and Cookies) The Butcher and the Vegetarian, and it had me thinking of my own experiences with vegetarianism. When I was little, my family and I were vegetarian. I remember once when my little sister, who had only eaten vegetarian with us, her family, ate chicken wings at a BBQ, and I flipped – I remember running around in circles, waving my arms around, freaking out to my parents that my sister had just eaten chicken wings, as though it were poison! My parents were very calm about it, they said it was okay, but that was over my head at the time – she’d eaten meat! That was all I was concerned about. Now, I just laugh about it.

Coming soon: a really nifty way to dice onions that I learned.

I think I’d had the intention of making soup when this sauce was created but as I started adding the green curry paste, tasting after each addition, until just right, I changed my mind. It was good just as it was. It tastes like it’s dairy, but it’s just coconut milk.

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