Herbed Meyer Lemon Chicken

Chicken is marinated in a herb and lemon marinade to make a delicately flavoured, citrus and garlic-flavoured chicken that is tender and moist. It’s a cinch to make and the ingredients used are probably already in your fridge and pantry.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up the notion that marinades were fussy and time consuming. Like recipes in grams before, I would steer clear of any recipe as soon I saw the word marinade. Thankfully, I’ve learned (in fairly recent times) that marinating is probably one of the easiest ways to flavour meat all the way through, right down to the bone.

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Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onion (SCD & GFCF)

Sometimes, being a food blogger and cooking for one’s family at the same time is interesting. Sometimes I’ll get the urge to pick up the camera and take pictures as I go along making a meal – one that I didn’t even intend to take pictures of, let alone share here. Let’s just say that, sometimes, I can’t help but take pictures of food, or let alone unable to resist taking out my camera and just taking random shots. As I wrote in my anniversary post, my photography has improved greatly since those first days of blogging – what I didn’t write about is my somewhat fascination with cameras. Sometimes, I’ll close one eye and focus with the other eye, pretending as if seeing through a camera.

Remember also that I said that I hadn’t many photos (in my anniversary post) since I’d been playing with a camera with practically dead batteries? Not those ones, but some of the photos that I took, such as all the ones in this post, were done with my aunt’s Canon Powershot G9, which she kindly let me borrow and that she’s let me borrow in the past as well (this post for example). I love her camera. I’ve been thinking for a while that I could write reviews for cameras that I have used, like the one that I read on Just Hungry, which introduced me to and that made me interested in micro four-thirds cameras. Camera reviews can be confusing sometimes, with different people’s conflicted opinions (especially once you get on Amazon – cameras always have hundreds of reviews, often too many to read all at once), or there are things you want to know about it but that the review doesn’t cover, and I find it helpful when I read camera reviews written by food bloggers, with pros and cons in the interest of food photography and blogging. If you also think this is a good idea, let me know.

But back to how I’ll just pick up the camera at random and take pictures of food – this steak was one of those that I hadn’t planned to take pictures of, but somewhere between chopping onion and taking the steak out of the package and frying it, I thought, hey, why not? And this is the second part of taking pictures of meals that gets tricky, particularly when it wasn’t planned: your prep inevitably becomes longer because of taking breaks to take pictures, often multiple, and thus everyone who is waiting to eat waits even longer. It’s a skill to take quality pictures while on the go and get it all done within the same amount of time it would normally take you, sans camera. This is an exercise of discipline especially, if you’re like me, you start to get obsessed with the macro setting. Case in point —

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Creamy Pork and Beans Tomato Stew (SCD & GFCF)

There are many posts not completed, perpetual drafts, or not written at all, about lunch and dinner. Whether quick fixes or something such as this stew, things I’ve never shared before because I usually don’t measure; instead doing by feel and intuition – colours, smells, and taste being my indicators and clues as I’m making it up as I go along.

When I’m baking, I generally measure as baking is more of a precise science than cooking – with cooking, you can be adding and tweaking flavours all the way through until you’re satisfied. There used to be a time when I stood more closely by the “rules”, following recipes exactly as instructed – measuring a teaspoon of this, a teaspoon of that, but nowadays I mostly eyeball it and making it up as I go along, without advance planning and or without a recipe: just a general idea or guideline. It reminds me a bit of Chez Panisse, in the early days when it was still young.

Now, hopefully after this kind of post, I will try to share more recipes like this in the future.

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