Mango Banana Popsicles (SCD & GFCF)

“Oh, I see! That’s how it works,” I thought to myself as I reread the instructions for my new, pop-up popsicle molds for the umpteenth time. Popsicle molds should be simple, and they are, but somehow I hadn’t been comprehending the instructions to put the sticks on top of the molds, once they’d been filled. It took a demonstration for me to realize. How these molds work is that, after you’ve filled them, you put the sticks on top and once they’re frozen, you push it upwards to eat. I like it a lot better than the wooden stick in the centre – I don’t like accidentally biting the stick. I just cringe thinking about it.

My grandmother got them for me, the same day I got the ball whisk and also visited the public market for fresh fruit with the intention of making popsicles. When I was younger, I didn’t understand why popsicles were underlined in red by my spell checker (the auto-suggestion was for it to be capitalized) but now I know that it’s a trademarked word. Funny how this world works, eh?

Most of that fruit was eaten as is. With making these popsicles, I also diced a mango for the first time, just for fun. Thanks, Nigella. Fun fact: mango skins can be eaten! They’re edible. Mangoes have always been peeled in my house and the skin is thrown away. I like the flesh right under the skin, after it’s been peeled, and after tasting the skin of the mango, I realize that what I’ve been tasting is residual from the skin. Eating the mango flesh and skin makes for a whole new eating experience, it adds another layer and dimension to the sweetness of a mango. Now I want to try a green mango, after reading an article about it in Saveur.

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Lemon Millet Biscuits (GFCF)

To those who celebrated, I hope you had a great, Happy Canada Day! This photo (above) has been reminding me for nearly two weeks now to post this recipe and it’s also been making me insanely happy with my photography and very enthusiastic.

When Lauren mentioned how she was going to make her millet biscuits and turn them into strawberry shortcakes, I developed an interest in the biscuits. After some correspondence back and forth (asking if cornstarch would be a suitable substitute, and if white rice flour would work in place of the sweet rice flour – since having run out from making multiple apple tarte tatin puffed pancakes), I commenced to roll up my sleeves.

before baking

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Poached Pears and Dairy-Free Pastry Cream (SCD & GFCF)

With the exception of the video (still in the works), I’ve had this ready since the first week of June! I have not been putting this off, I promise – I’ve been waiting and waiting to share this with you and get back to blogging, which I’ve missed so much, after I was done school. I’m not completely done yet but I can now at least spend some more time and attention to my interests, including here.

I was inspired to try something a bit different when I snacked on raw pear slices, dipping in a dairy-free pastry cream that I made for cream puffs (which, by the way, I am still working on perfecting), and thought how it would taste if I poached the pears. The raw pears tasted great with the pastry cream, but the pears were still at that stage where they’re quite firm and still have that bit of crunch to them. I didn’t mind, but I usually like raw pears when they’ve been left to soften and ripen longer, when they’re juicy, when the skin practically slides off when it’s peeled.

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