Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, Mushroom Fritatta

The past few months, I have wanted to participate in Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger but I either found out too late or missed it entirely. When Shirley of Gluten Free Easily announced that she was hosting this one, I jumped in right away, and adopted Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free.

Though we know each other only through the blogging world so far, Amy is a good friend of mine. Not only is she kind and generous, she has always been supportive and encouraging. I first met her through the March edition of Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free (a monthly gluten-free food event), which Amy hosted with the theme “Guiltless Pleasures”, and I started to participate in her weekly Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays: a round-up of indulgent and healthier recipes. As we got to know each other better through some correspondence, she invited me to guest post on her blog, which I did with mini black raspberry and white chocolate crepe cakes.

Although this is my first time to participate in this wonderful event in the gluten-free blogging community, I’m not new to making Amy’s fabulous recipes. I’ve made two versions (including curry) of her version of a Moosewood Cookbook recipe for spinach Florentine potato soup and an angel food cake in cupcake form. I’m looking forward to making even more of her recipes out of her forthcoming cookbook, coming next January – maybe in time for my birthday!

Once I signed up to adopt Amy and after several siftings through her recipe index, I initially settled on her flourless chocolate torte. I didn’t end up making it, though, as I’m out of cocoa powder (shocking, I know, the last time we didn’t have cocoa powder or chocolate in any form in this house was when my family and I were strictly SCD; chocolate isn’t allowed for some reason that remains unclear) and didn’t have time to get more. I let time slip by me.

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Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Pepper and Mushroom (SCD & GFCF)

When I decide on the fly to take photos of the meal I’m making to blog about, I have to work more quickly than I normally do as far as work for the blog goes, specifically photography. A lot of the photography is done quickly and I only hope that the photos are decent or at least half-decent. When it comes to taking the final photos that are to be representative, it’s done within two minutes or less, estimated: I don’t like my family having to wait hungry or ending up with their food cold after a half-hour photo shoot. If anyone has to have their food cold, it will be me. (In fact, I’m quite used to it by now.)

I’ve been making these scrambled eggs for the last couple or so days for lunch. They’re quick and easy, and aren’t any fuss. To fill out the eggs more, ground pork or beef can also be thrown in. If you don’t like mushrooms, they can be easily left out or you can add whatever you like to the eggs instead of what I suggest here. Most of the time, for scrambled eggs I use what is already on hand.

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Roasted Bell Pepper Egg in the Basket (SCD & GFCF)

After a dozen eggs and four bell peppers, I decided it was time to share this winner. I love eggs in the morning – or any time of day, for that matter. From a previous posting, you may know that I like egg in the basket – it goes by many other names, of course, but they all refer to a piece of bread that has a hole cut out of the centre and with an egg cracked into the hole and fried with the bread. To those not familiar with it, it’s easily mistaken as simply an egg sunny side up on top of a slice of toast but it is not. This was one of my new favourite ways to eat eggs but it’s been replaced with this veggie version. I like it even better than when I had it with the bread, gluten-free or otherwise.

Instead of a slice of bread, a ring of roasted, sweet red bell pepper is used. Pick your colour.

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