Poached Pears and Dairy-Free Pastry Cream (SCD & GFCF)

With the exception of the video (still in the works), I’ve had this ready since the first week of June! I have not been putting this off, I promise – I’ve been waiting and waiting to share this with you and get back to blogging, which I’ve missed so much, after I was done school. I’m not completely done yet but I can now at least spend some more time and attention to my interests, including here.

I was inspired to try something a bit different when I snacked on raw pear slices, dipping in a dairy-free pastry cream that I made for cream puffs (which, by the way, I am still working on perfecting), and thought how it would taste if I poached the pears. The raw pears tasted great with the pastry cream, but the pears were still at that stage where they’re quite firm and still have that bit of crunch to them. I didn’t mind, but I usually like raw pears when they’ve been left to soften and ripen longer, when they’re juicy, when the skin practically slides off when it’s peeled.

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Strawberries and Custard (SCD & GFCF)

For my brother’s birthday, we had strawberries and custard.

I had planned to make a cake from this recipe of mine that’s loosely inspired by the Daring Bakers strawberry mirror cake. I’ve written and copied out that recipe for that cake who knows how many times – electronically and on paper.

The photo of my cake recipe is from my new Moleskin Passions Recipe Journal that I got only last Saturday – it was funny, too, considering that I’d only found out about it earlier that same day on Running with Tweezers and had sent the Amazon link to myself. It’s a great little book, for all foodies or anyone who just wants to keep track of their recipes in one place.

The cake is planned for later this week though, so look out for it around Thursday or Friday. (The cake is now planned for next year.)Wednesday, it’s carrot muffins or cupcakes inspired by one of the recipes from Elizabeth Falkner’s Demolition Desserts.

For this treat, fresh or frozen strawberries can be used, but either way use organic strawberries if you can. Also preferably if they’re in season. Organic strawberries just seem to be sweeter than the conventional variety. If you’re using frozen strawberries, a favourite here is to thaw them just enough so that they can be cut. Put the cut strawberries in a tall container, add a few spoonfuls of custard, and use an electric hand blender to create an instant “ice cream“. The flavour is really smooth and creamy. My brother calls it Yogen Fruz, but better.

The custard can be made in advance and stored in the fridge, covered, until ready to serve.

This recipe is linked to Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.


Dairy-free custard (click for recipe), chilled
Fresh or frozen strawberries, sliced lengthwise


Pour a small amount of the custard in individual serving bowls. (You could also use glasses.) Top with the cut strawberries, or put the strawberries in first and cover with custard. Serve and enjoy!

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