Kinnikinnick Chocolate Dipped Donuts


Back in April my family tried Kinnikinnick’s gluten-free chocolate dipped donuts for the first time and we were immediately hooked! It was around this time that I took these photos  as well.

They’re in the freezer section at our local Whole Foods and they’re so good that, well, sometimes we don’t even wait for them to thaw. Although a little firmer and chewier, the donuts are just as good frozen. They’re flavourful and you won’t miss the wheat! The donuts are cake-like, though they do have yeast (I don’t know if they’re fried or baked, I know that that’s an important distinction for some). There’s six to a package, so for us that means we either get one each or two if we buy two packages. 😉 (Usually when they’re on sale!)

This is what my brother says:

they have a delicious chocolate coating and tastes like wheat inside. It is the first time that I had donuts and I really enjoyed it.


There are also cinnamon glazed/sugar donuts, but we’ve only tried the chocolate dipped ones so far. We’re always recommending them to friends and family because they’re so good!

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Chocolate Cupcakes


Sometimes I’ll make a recipe for the first time and it’ll be perfect.


Other times I’ll make a recipe and I can’t stop myself from playing with it. Case in point: these chocolate cupcakes from Elana Amsterdam’s Gluten-Free Cupcakes. It began as a simple affair, with mixing wet and dry ingredients together. The cupcakes, as they stand in the original recipe, are already great. I just couldn’t resist putting my own spin on it.

So I began to play with the recipe.


I had used butter and melted it instead of grapeseed oil, because that’s what I had on hand. Then I read that using melted butter in a cake recipe can give it a muffin texture and that it’s better to cream to the butter, as the pockets of fat are distributed and melt while baking – resulting in a fluffy crumb. Well, the cupcakes with the melted butter were soft but were also kind of dense. Point proven.

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Lindor Stracciatella Chocolate

Lindor Stracciatella
Happy Easter, everybody! This is my favourite chocolate right now, it’s Lindor Stracciatella chocolate. It’s white chocolate with flecks of what seems to be milk chocolate; in real life, they kind of look like quail eggs. I took the photos with my iPod.

Stracciatella is basically vanilla ice cream (or gelato) with bits of chocolate in it – it’s sometimes called the Italian cousin to the North American chocolate chip ice cream. The name itself is not unique to just ice cream, though. It can also refer to a kind of soup and cheese, respectively. Regarding the ice cream, though, I really want to have a go at making it or maybe even a homemade version of these chocolates.

*Info for gluten-free folks: the only allergen info for this chocolate is that it may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts (almonds and hazelnuts). Lindor chocolate is not certified gluten-free and this is a topic in their FAQ on their website.