Sesame Snaps (SCD & GFCF)

When my family started SCD, all candy – even the natural sort, sweetened with fruit juices – was out. We had to make our own, so candy became a real treat and, how I remember it, kind of an occasion. I haven’t made a lot of candy as far as variety goes due to the chemistry involved with traditional, conventional candy and the dietary restrictions of SCD, though I’m always working on extending my forte. I hope to have more candy recipes here as time passes (we’re already pretty good on the marshmallows front.)

There’s nothing much to say about these sesame snaps. Requiring few ingredients, they’re very simple and very easy to make, and they’re done within a relatively short period of time. Soon after making, they’re quickly eaten up. In this batch’s case that you see here photographed, I ate most of it, perhaps three quarters. What can you do when it’s left out in the open? I pretty much started eating it after I took the photos.

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Honey Sweetened Marshmallows (SCD & GFCF)

It seems like we’re experiencing one of the hottest summers ever, worldwide. I made marshmallows hardly a week ago, so it would seem, to me, to put another marshmallow recipe on here so soon a bit crazy. I had no desire to try making marshmallows with honey again, because of my experience with past, failed endeavours of trying to make SCD marshmallows and also that I’d become convinced, in such a short time, that agave nectar had something over honey. As the mercury slowly climbed up, I hoped that these marshmallows would work. (A side note: I hope to use a digital candy thermometer someday, rather than one with mercury, which is dangerous.)

I changed my mind about making marshmallows with honey after a reader’s comment. Rather than respond immediately, it took me four days (!) to reply, because I wanted to speak from experience and know for sure that honey would indeed work as well as agave nectar. In my response, I also acknowledged that maple syrup could work, though I’ve yet to try. When I do, I imagine that I’ll surely be doing another marshmallow post. Egads! Is there any other food blog out here that has more than one marshmallow recipe? If you didn’t know me better, you might think I had an obsession with marshmallows.

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The Best Homemade Marshmallows, Sugar and Corn Syrup Free! (GFCF) Plus, the Great Outdoors

This past week you’ve seen new recipes posted, your comments appearing sooner or later – but, where’s Zoe? Normally she replies in a timely – almost immediate – manner to my comments, you’re saying. (Rest assured, folks, all your comments, questions, have been replied to and answered.)

We went camping! That’s right, my family and I were in the great outdoors last week (if you count today, Sunday, as the first day of the week), with no Internet connection! I made the appropriate arrangements to whip up some stuff ahead of time and schedule the posts so that, while we were away, Z’s Cup of Tea could continue running and, more or less, take care of itself till yours truly came back.

While camping, I took out my camera (yes! a new camera, from my dear grandma, thank you! I’ve secretly named the camera Cherry, after its burgundy red colour.) and just clicked away, resulting in hundreds of photos – most taken by me, but there were some by other family members. I took some food shots, too, but not many – it was a holiday after all, and I was more interested in eating the food this time than focusing a lense on it.

I also had fun using the portable propane stove, boiling water for tea and rice noodles (which we had with tomato sauce), and scrambling eggs with mushroom and green onions, and making cinnamon apples on our last day for breakfast.

We had a campfire, too, though in all the busyness – and despite preparing posts in advance for while I was away – I didn’t get to making marshmallows before we went, which I was a little disappointed about as I’d really been wanting to test them over the fire and also get a few cool photos of a homemade marshmallow being toasted, plus the possibilities of s’mores and all that marshmallow-y good stuff.

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