New and Improved Gluten-Free Baking Powder Biscuits

The other day I Googled “gluten-free baking powder biscuits” and simply “gluten-free biscuits” and found that my post was the first search result. I posted that recipe back in February of last year and while it’s a recipe I should be satisfied with, the truth is I wasn’t. I was satisfied and happy with it at the time I’d posted it, but one of those quirks that happens with some recipes that you make frequently enough, you may start noticing kinks and they frustrate you.

I sometimes get nervous because I know people are actually making the recipes I post, whether they’re original or adapted from another source. (Nervous at the prospect that they could be making an older recipe I’ve since improved – I am of course pleased when others make the recipes I’ve posted here!)

With this in mind, I’ve posted these biscuits with my recent modifications to the recipe, which I walk through in this post before giving you the recipe with some step-by-step photos. The recipe given will make less as seen in the photos – I was making a double recipe that day.

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Chocolate Sandwiches

In the kitchen science book What Einstein Told His Chef 2, a chocolate sandwich is described as a cross between a grilled cheese sandwich and a pain au chocolat. Recently, my brother became fascinated with the concept, thanks to reading Roald Dahl and, subsequently, candy (if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was not obvious, Mr. Dahl makes it clear in his first autobiography, Boy, that he loved candy as a child and well into adulthood).

Fun fact: one of the schools that Roald Dahl attended, an all-boys school, was practically next door to Cadbury’s. The chocolate company would regularly send free samples of their new chocolates for the boys to evaluate and provide feedback, attempting to sound like real connoisseurs with comments such as,  “Not subtle enough for the common palette.”

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Lemon Millet Biscuits (GFCF)

To those who celebrated, I hope you had a great, Happy Canada Day! This photo (above) has been reminding me for nearly two weeks now to post this recipe and it’s also been making me insanely happy with my photography and very enthusiastic.

When Lauren mentioned how she was going to make her millet biscuits and turn them into strawberry shortcakes, I developed an interest in the biscuits. After some correspondence back and forth (asking if cornstarch would be a suitable substitute, and if white rice flour would work in place of the sweet rice flour – since having run out from making multiple apple tarte tatin puffed pancakes), I commenced to roll up my sleeves.

before baking

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