Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Plus Giveaways!)

Welcome to Home for the Holidays…Gluten-Free Style, a gluten-free event organized by Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily. Every day from November 28th right up to December 23rd, twenty-five bloggers (a different blogger each day) share their recipes that mean home and holidays to them.

In addition, there are also fabulous giveaways on each of those days that you can enter! Each time you enter on any of the bloggers’ websites participating, you become eligible for the grand prizes! The grand prizes are:

Click “more” for today’s giveaways and recipe for cranberry white chocolate chunk cookies, inspired by Starbucks’ annual seasonal favourite: Cranberry Bliss Bar.

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Stewed Apples with Gluten-Free Lattice Cookies and Dairy-Free Cinnamon Ice Cream – Or, Apple Pie Deconstructed

Apple pie is one of the first things autumn beckons, but what if it’s not quite autumn and not quite yet the end of summer? It seems too early to be indulging in a warm piece of apple pie but this deconstructed version transforms the components of what makes apple pie so pleasurable. Stewed apples are served with lattice cookies that stand in as pie crust and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream, reminding us that it it isn’t yet too cold to be still eating ice cream.

September has rolled in and with it warming comfort food, gum boots, and hand-knit scarves, and rain in the air. It doesn’t seem too long ago that it was summer. Technically, it still is but it’s easy to forget when you’re back in school; leaves changing colour and crunching underfoot and the weather becoming cooler and the air crisper in the mornings. Personally, I embrace all seasons and the merits that come with it and I’m thankful to live in a city with a pretty mild climate. It doesn’t even always snow (when I was a kid that was a big deal). I like summer, but I also love bundling up; there’s a sense of cozy comfort about it. (And I’ll tell you now: I have a weakness for scarves, especially those that are knitted. I sometimes even layer them.)

So, not completely giving up on summer but also acknowledging that autumn hasn’t fully settled in, I made this basically deconstructed version of apple pie. The nucleus of this idea started with a dessert called “Apple of My Eye” in Elizabeth Falkner’s Demolition Desserts, a cookbook based upon the success of her bakery Citizen Cake in San Francisco.

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Moustache Cookies for Freddie For A Day

September 5th is Freddie Mercury’s birthday; it is also the annual charity fund-raising event Freddie For A Day, in which people dress up as Freddie and raise money through sponsorship towards the Mercury Phoenix Trust to fight AIDS. I’ve wanted to do something as part of celebrating Queen’s 40th anniversary and, seeing all the recent Freddie For A Day activity, decided on something fun with moustache-shaped cookies. This idea was made even better after I read this on Queen’s official website.

I got the idea for moustache cookies when I saw them on Pinterest a while back and found moustache cookie cutters online. I decided to do it myself, though, since the generic moustache cookie cutter is not reflective of Freddie or, indeed, his moustache. Until they start selling Freddie Mercury moustache cookie cutters, D.I.Y. will have to be the way.

I made the basic shape from tracing the shape of a fake clip-on moustache that’s being sold on the FFAD online shop (they also sell the Wembley costume and, most recently, a mug with a design of Freddie’s moustache) and I cut the cookies tracing the moustache shape with a knife – I would have made my own cookie cutter but I ended up not doing so. Using a knife to cut shapes out of cookie dough means that they won’t be as uniform if I had used a cookie cutter, but I’m fine with that. I cut the cookies into heart shapes as well as moustaches.

The cookies, adapted from a sugar cookie recipe in the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app, while fine and satisfying on their own, are taken to another level and made irresistible with a chocolate coating – indeed, it’s hard to just stop at one.

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