Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


I love oatmeal cookies, and especially chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Like all cookies, and particularly the one of chocolate chip persuasion, there are countless variations but I think the one that everyone should have up their sleeve is a classic chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. There are countless variations and recipes for this also but the general consensus remains: a classic is the one that is essentially no nonsense. It’s just plain and simple, yet also the one that practically asks to be had with a glass of milk. It’s buttery and has just the right amount of sweetness without hurting your teeth and when you make it – it’s just right. It hits the spot.

With that said, I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally got an oatmeal cookie on Z’s Cup of Tea.

This perfect classiness I found when I made a gluten-free version of these chewy oatmeal raisin cookies on Smitten Kitchen and made a few other slight changes, like upping the vanilla a little bit and deciding to add baking powder after A LOT of trepidation. (I don’t make these kinds of decisions lightly. After being forgotten for a spell, I found again my baker’s notes on my iPod.)

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Shirley’s Perfect for All Occasions Pound Cake

As may be evident by my recent posts, I’ve baked hardly a thing this summer. It’s been lovely and blissful, in its own way, to not turn the oven on. Instead I’ve thrown all that energy I would for baking into making ice cream and other frozen treats. (I have one more frozen treat recipe to share, for now.) One of the last things I baked before the summer heat settled in was Shirley’s perfect pound cake.

It’s a tall order to call something perfect and this pound cake is just so. In a chat on Twitter that I had with Shirley the first time I made her recipe, she told me that one of her readers had used it to make a birthday cake. So not only is it a perfect pound cake, but also perfect for all occasions as it is flexible. Like many gluten-free folks, Shirley uses a custom-made, gluten-free flour blend. I’ve yet to use a gluten-free flour blend – whether one made from scratch with someone’s recipe or my own, or store-bought – so I converted the amount with an equal ratio of cornstarch and brown rice flour (the only kind of rice flour I had on hand at the time), based on Shirley’s flour blend, and it worked really well.

Every time I’ve made it, the pound cake has been finished within one or two days (usually only making it to the second day if I’ve saved some and hidden it away).

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New and Improved Gluten-Free Baking Powder Biscuits

The other day I Googled “gluten-free baking powder biscuits” and simply “gluten-free biscuits” and found that my post was the first search result. I posted that recipe back in February of last year and while it’s a recipe I should be satisfied with, the truth is I wasn’t. I was satisfied and happy with it at the time I’d posted it, but one of those quirks that happens with some recipes that you make frequently enough, you may start noticing kinks and they frustrate you.

I sometimes get nervous because I know people are actually making the recipes I post, whether they’re original or adapted from another source. (Nervous at the prospect that they could be making an older recipe I’ve since improved – I am of course pleased when others make the recipes I’ve posted here!)

With this in mind, I’ve posted these biscuits with my recent modifications to the recipe, which I walk through in this post before giving you the recipe with some step-by-step photos. The recipe given will make less as seen in the photos – I was making a double recipe that day.

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