Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free! Fictional Food

It’s April 1st – and in most parts of the world, that means it’s April Fool’s Day. (In some countries, such as Canada, the pranks only last until noon but I don’t know how widespread that is that it’s actually practiced. That’s also according to Wikipedia.) Believe me, though, I’m not fooling you when I welcome you to this month’s theme of Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free! This month’s focus is on Fictional Food – Treats and Dishes from Children’s Stories. 

This theme is all about food inspired by books you read as a child or children’s books that perhaps you came to later in your life, such as reading a book to your younger sibling, your own child, or if you’re babysitting… Whatever the case may be, this is a theme for all ages, no matter what your age.  This is an opportunity for you to try making something from your favourite book that you always wanted to make, but haven’t yet. Or maybe you did before, but have to change it now because of changes in your diet.

Plus, isn’t this a more than timely theme now that the series of Harry Potter books and movies are over and we can wax nostalgic over them now (especially if you grew up with them)? Plus, the first Hunger Games movie was released, while causing an explosion of inspired recipes in its wake. (Note I’ve not actually read or seen the Hunger Games but I did like reading this post about the interesting similarities between the Hunger Games and Franz Kafka’s A Hunger Artist.)

N.B. If you’re going to submit a Hunger Games-inspired recipe, please only do so if you can guarantee it is tasty. I’ve heard that the food in the books doesn’t taste that great, so deviate a bit and  inject some juiciness into it if that’s your inspiration. (Ha! April Fool’s. 😉 But seriously – please make sure it tastes good.)

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Autism: The Brain-Gut Connection (LIVE, FREE WEBINAR)

On April 11th at 9PM EST / 8 PM CST / 6PM PST you can attend a FREE webinar sponsored by Great Plains Laboratory: Gastrointestinal Problems and Autism: Constipation, Infections, Inflammation and More – Testing and Treatment Options, presented by Dr. Kurt Woeller.

Autism is a continuing epidemic, with a 78% increase compared to a decade ago. Yesterday according to a new study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The link between autism and gastrointestinal disorders is one that has been well-documented in the autism community. Often, once diet is changed the improvement is extraordinary. My family has personally experienced this with my youngest brother, who has remarkably improved from his autism with diet (briefly GFCF [gluten-free, casein-free], then strictly SCD for a year; we are currently gluten-free) and biomedical vitamin and mineral protocols. (That’s just diet, for a full summary of what we did to help him, click here.) Nowadays when people meet him, they can’t believe it when they learn he used to have severe autism. Through our hard work and his, he has improved so much!

System requirements to attend the webinar –

For PC users: Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2003 Server.

For Mac users: Mac OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) or newer

This webinar is a one-time only live event and will not be recorded, so if you are interested in attending book your seat now and mark your calendar! Again, it is absolutely free.

Click here to register.

Printer Friendly Recipes at Z’s Cup of Tea!

Some exciting news for all of my readers: printer friendly recipes are available – AT LAST! This is for all of you who asked for printer friendly versions, instead of printing off twenty pages. Last month I mentioned on Twitter how I was in the process of making printer friendly recipes for every single recipe (except those I’ve reprinted with permission from a publisher) so far on Z’s Cup of Tea and here is the result. I’m not finished yet (still going through the bulk of 2010), but all of last year’s recipes and this year’s so far have been provided with printer friendly versions.

If you don’t want to print them but still want a copy of just the recipe itself for yourself and your own personal use, you can now save them in pdf format to your computer or your mobile device, such as saving them in iBooks to view on your iPad as shown in the photo.

(Scribd, the site I’m using for storing the printer friendly versions, requires you to have an account with them to download a document. In the chance that any of my readers don’t want to sign up for an account, I’ve also included a link for download. If you do have a Scribd account, see this article for how to get Scribd documents on your mobile.)

See a preview of the printer-friendly format for yourself in the window below (note that the text is clearer and easier to read once printed):

Let me know how you like them. Any feedback is appreciated and welcome!

Also in the news department, you might have seen on Twitter and Facebook yesterday that there is a new email address that you can contact me at. In case you missed it, go to the contact page and check it out. Also update your contact info if you have my old blog email address. You may email me at the new address from this moment forward.

And last but not least, I joined Google+! Yes, I’ve joined. I tried signing up earlier, although I couldn’t for some reason to do with my name. I finally figured out a work-around and now I’m on. Is it the new Facebook, or better than Facebook? I can’t say just yet. So far I’ve just been using it for posting links to new posts on Z’s Cup of Tea and I’m still learning the ropes – if you’re on there, add me to your circles and say hi!