The idea for this blog started two or three years ago, when I was doing a lot of innovating and experimenting with baking and cooking to make gluten-free, SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) friendly foods for my brother recovering from autism. Friends and family suggested more than once that I make a cookbook.  At the time I was just starting out and didn’t have that many recipes,  but I kept the idea in mind and I was eventually inspired to turn the cookbook idea into what is now this blog.

I’ve been in the kitchen since I was around ten, when I could call baking/cooking a hobby. As I’ve grown older, it’s become more necessity than hobby but nonetheless it’s something I still enjoy.  It started becoming more necessity than hobby when my family was trying to help my brother get better through diet in addition to his speech therapy sessions, Verbal Applied Behaviour Analysis therapies and biomedical vitamin and mineral protocols, briefly doing GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) until we began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), designed by Elaine Gottschall and Dr. Valentine Haas.  How SCD works is that almost everything you eat has to be made from scratch, substituting nut flours and nut butters for commonly used grain products in baking,  meat, fish and fowl are acceptable to eat, along with most vegetables and fruits as well as nuts, the only sweetener allowed is honey, and in the case of autism, NO dairy, either; staples and most commercial products can’t be relied upon. (Read more about the SCDiet here.) When we started, I had a lot of help with making the food and experimenting so that it would be “right”, since my brother was very specific about the foods that he ate (texture, smell, appearance, consistency, temperature, taste, etc.); but as I became more and more independent and confident I slowly took over the kitchen and the task of food prep mostly went into my hands and out came all these innovative, tasty recipes that I’ve carefully selected and posted here. Because of the autism, all of my recipes that I’ve made are dairy-free.

Since the inception of this blog, it’s been a lot of work; most time has been spent on collecting almost all my recipes so far and transcribing them as most of my recipes are handwritten on recipe cards and the like, or were memorized. I also spent time taking photos of every single recipe and sometimes multiple photos for any step-by-step instructions for some recipes – this step was  long and arduous considering the amount of recipes I had and that I previously hadn’t done any food photography of my recipes; usually, things I had made were gobbled up, there were no leftovers to speak of. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I had to have everything prepared before I even thought of publishing any of the recipes or pages such as this one; recipes aside, finishing setting up Ambrosia Tea Party did take a bit longer than I expected as some events did occur, such as technical errors or glitches that set it back. All in all, it’s been a labour of love.  Since then, as my brother has made improvements and is consistently doing better and better,  and we’ve had things that aren’t really within SCD but are still gluten-free within moderation and generally without adverse effects, so this blog’s original concept has shifted from being strictly SCD but all the recipes are still great for those who have dietary sensitivities or allergies, etc., or for those who just want to be and feel healthier. If you are used to eating conventionally prepared baking/baking with grains, etc., the baking portion may initially seem to be an acquired taste, but I assure you that it is worth it. These recipes do feel lighter, and sometimes tastier than their regular counterparts, and by my own experience, I believe they are also easier on the digestive system. Plus, they are all nutritious and delicious. 😉

You can read more about why my family and I decided to go gluten-free/dairy-free and follow SCD, plus my experience in gluten-free cookery, here and here.

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