A New Adventure

It’s been a good, almost three months that I started a new blog and I’m just feeling ready now to share it. This will be my third blog, after Z’s Cup of Tea, and it is one that I have had the intention of starting for some time and one that is close to my heart.

My new blog is called Writer’s Bone – you can read on the about page why it’s named as such; it is a blog where I’ve started to share my literary aspirations and interests. I started Writer’s Bone with my intention of stepping forward to realize my lifelong dream of being a writer. I have had  – and have – other interests, whether passing phases or ones that I wish to pursue further, yet writing has remained a constant in my life so far and it’s something that I have made the conscious decision to devote myself to.

Rest assured, I will still be posting here at Z’s Cup of Tea and also trend & chic. For here, I have a recipe coming up – right after this post! – and an exciting feature later this week.

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