Lindor Stracciatella Chocolate

Lindor Stracciatella
Happy Easter, everybody! This is my favourite chocolate right now, it’s Lindor Stracciatella chocolate. It’s white chocolate with flecks of what seems to be milk chocolate; in real life, they kind of look like quail eggs. I took the photos with my iPod.

Stracciatella is basically vanilla ice cream (or gelato) with bits of chocolate in it – it’s sometimes called the Italian cousin to the North American chocolate chip ice cream. The name itself is not unique to just ice cream, though. It can also refer to a kind of soup and cheese, respectively. Regarding the ice cream, though, I really want to have a go at making it or maybe even a homemade version of these chocolates.

*Info for gluten-free folks: the only allergen info for this chocolate is that it may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts (almonds and hazelnuts). Lindor chocolate is not certified gluten-free and this is a topic in their FAQ on their website.

4 thoughts on “Lindor Stracciatella Chocolate

  1. Hi Zoe,
    Unfortunately I have been “glutined” eating Lindt chocolate so it worth being cautious. I seem to be OK with small amounts of belgian processed but not swiss. Must be the barley syrup frequently used.

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