Joy the Baker French Onion Soup Sandwiches

I love French onion soup, but have never made it myself. (In fact, I’m not even sure if I have had French onion soup…maybe I just love the idea of it?) This is partly because I have never seen a recipe for it that doesn’t use wine. Before, when I was underage, I didn’t want to cook with alcohol or want to eat anything made with alcohol, even if the alcohol was cooked out and all that was left was the flavour. I think I had some sort of fear that I’d get drunk.

Well, I haven’t made the inaugural French onion soup yet but I have gotten closer with making these French onion soup sandwiches from Joy the Baker, which she made from Portuguese Girl Cooks (new-to-me blog that I am now enjoying browsing). It’s my favourite sandwich of the moment and it kind of reminds me of onion pizza. There’s no wine involved (I used the beef broth option) and they are seriously good. SO GOOD, as Sophia Grace would say on Ellen.

I’d never cooked down onions before but now that I have, they are being kept on the menu. Carmelized onions, onion jam (whatever you want to call it) is extremely versatile and we’ve already put it to different uses besides this sandwich. (I’ve already made more, cooked in bacon fat leftover from frying bacon.) Plus it’s easy to do, with hardly any effort involved. I can’t promise there won’t be tears, though. (Ha!)

The sandwiches can easily be made gluten-free, using your favourite gluten-free bread. If you’re looking for an extra source of protein, you could add some cut up bacon, shredded pork or beef, or another meat of your choice. You could also use seafood or tofu. It’s completely up to you!

Get the recipe for Joy the Baker’s French onion soup sandwiches here.

11 thoughts on “Joy the Baker French Onion Soup Sandwiches

    1. Hi J’Marinde, I don’t understand what you mean by defaulting your information. To answer your question, I have included a link to Joy the Baker’s post at the bottom of my post in a way that I thought was clear. This is not an advertised recipe, as in I am not being sponsored or paid by Joy the Baker to write and post about this recipe. I made it and decided to post it because I enjoyed it and thought my readers might as well. And as always, I provide sincere and above-board content, just as I appreciate from others. Thank you for your feedback and I will take into consideration adding the recipe even when it is not my original recipe or something that I adapted for gluten-free eaters.

  1. I’ve not made French onion soup either – I’ve heard it’s remarkably delicious though… I think I shall have to make it very soon. I’ve heard good thing about Irish onion soup too. Great looking sandwich 😀

    1. Hi Lisa, the buns are from a local baker, not a chain or brand name. You can use your favourite gluten-free bread or buns – Udi’s bread or hamburger buns is a nice choice, whichever you prefer.

      1. Thanks! Really wish we have a gluten free bakery anywhere nearby. All of our gluten free buns and breads are frozen and once thawed, simply crumble. Still need to get brave enough (and a pizza stone!) and make my own bread and buns! : )

  2. These are so stinking good! I loved Joy the Baker’s site, too.
    I, being a serious meat eater (at times) added some shredded BBQ chicken and then promptly ate the ones I was supposed to share… by myself. 😉 No one knew about the first attempts!
    I wasn’t too sure about the cheese at first since it was pretty strong smelling when I grated it but when it mixes with the onions, it is really a perfect blend.

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