Bees, Ghosts, and Stop Motion: Links Roundup

In this brief and simple post, I’m sharing some links I’ve enjoyed, some of which I’ve shared on Twitter. In case you missed them, I’ve compiled them in a small round-up for your own personal enjoyment. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Watch how to make spaghetti and guacamole in these fun and quirky short videos. (NB: do not try this at home!) If you like these two videos, he has lots of other fun little videos. These are his only two cooking ones so far, though.

In the News:

Do bees have their own personalities?
Can animals create art? (Includes honeycombs)

Warning: first article has an extreme zoomed in, closeup photo of a bee’s head at the top of the article. I am not a fan of those shots, they freak me out, but I managed to brace myself enough to read the article. Just scroll past it and carry on.

Luxury Comedy, it’s the end of the show…until next year with the second series! Read my review of the first series here.

And, taking a slightly more serious turn, ghost writers in the cookbook industry. (I’d like to have a discussion post with this article, as it has many interesting and valid points. Expect your perspective to be changed on the cookbook industry, and especially cookbooks by celebrities and chefs, once you have read it.)

2 thoughts on “Bees, Ghosts, and Stop Motion: Links Roundup

  1. Love the videos! Too funny! I, of course, love bees (I mean, I am the Healthy Beehive), so that was really neat to read about. And wow on the ghost writers … very interesting stuff.

  2. These videos are just amazing!!! How refreshing. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time watching. Thank you! I needed a little feel-good tonight. 🙂


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