Printer Friendly Recipes at Z’s Cup of Tea!

Some exciting news for all of my readers: printer friendly recipes are available – AT LAST! This is for all of you who asked for printer friendly versions, instead of printing off twenty pages. Last month I mentioned on Twitter how I was in the process of making printer friendly recipes for every single recipe (except those I’ve reprinted with permission from a publisher) so far on Z’s Cup of Tea and here is the result. I’m not finished yet (still going through the bulk of 2010), but all of last year’s recipes and this year’s so far have been provided with printer friendly versions.

If you don’t want to print them but still want a copy of just the recipe itself for yourself and your own personal use, you can now save them in pdf format to your computer or your mobile device, such as saving them in iBooks to view on your iPad as shown in the photo.

(Scribd, the site I’m using for storing the printer friendly versions, requires you to have an account with them to download a document. In the chance that any of my readers don’t want to sign up for an account, I’ve also included a link for download. If you do have a Scribd account, see this article for how to get Scribd documents on your mobile.)

See a preview of the printer-friendly format for yourself in the window below (note that the text is clearer and easier to read once printed):

Let me know how you like them. Any feedback is appreciated and welcome!

Also in the news department, you might have seen on Twitter and Facebook yesterday that there is a new email address that you can contact me at. In case you missed it, go to the contact page and check it out. Also update your contact info if you have my old blog email address. You may email me at the new address from this moment forward.

And last but not least, I joined Google+! Yes, I’ve joined. I tried signing up earlier, although I couldn’t for some reason to do with my name. I finally figured out a work-around and now I’m on. Is it the new Facebook, or better than Facebook? I can’t say just yet. So far I’ve just been using it for posting links to new posts on Z’s Cup of Tea and I’m still learning the ropes – if you’re on there, add me to your circles and say hi!

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