My Adventures in Fiji

I had a brilliant time in Fiji – and, as I said in the beginning, I missed it dearly. Joking my way along during the last few days spent there, I couldn’t believe how quickly the month had gone by. Time had felt as if it was going so slowly and until we were there at the airport, no doubt about it that we were going back home – I felt it could last forever. It was mind-boggling to think of an entire month spent someplace else entirely, just stretching on and on with no end in sight. And finally, we were going back home.

I was wistful, perhaps even pining. The flight back home was like a dream, a dream that I felt at any moment I would open my eyes and wake up to find myself still in Fiji. Everything felt surreal. Only once was I distracted from the reality when I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 on the plane that transited to Aukland from Nadi. (It was really good and I quite enjoyed it, by the way.)

I dozed off only once when I was watching a National Geographic, but otherwise I spent most of the night looking around in my seat or sitting with my eyes closed. That was a long flight.

I’d love to go back to Fiji again and I think of it often. Right now I can only imagine how hot it is there, the heat steadily climbing until next month. I’m trying to imagine celebrating Christmas in a warm climate, or my birthday.

Meanwhile, I’ll remember one word that was written in the sand on one of our walks along the beach back in Pacific Harbour.


One thought on “My Adventures in Fiji

  1. What an incredible post, Zoe! There were so many parts I just loved … the markets, the kids going crazy over the coconut, how time seemed to stretch on (life can be so mcuh slower in other countries … that’s a good thing!), your braids, those rolls (bet you could make them gluten free), your slipping into an accent (your dad is so right about that being a potential advantage), the info on the pineapples (love how they prepare them, but leave them whole … never seen that before), the “serenity” in the sand, and so, so much more! Your photography is amazing as usual. Thanks for taking the time to compile this post! I’m so sorry that it took me so long to read it, but it was worth the wait for sure!


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