Cucumber Water, The Other Guys, Plus Travel Pictures

“The cucumber accents the water in such a way that–“

– Allen Gamble, The Other Guys

I will say first off, I’m not really into flavoured water. But I had to make cucumber water for the sake of The Other Guys, a movie that all my family loves and we’ve watched it more than once. It’s that funny! I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I saw it and thought it would be a great idea.

Before we commence further in this post, please watch the video. You have to.

Shortly after watching The Other Guys, I Googled the cucumber water scene and the search results even included a link to a men’s bodybuilding forum in which a guy asked if anyone had tried cucumber water and that he had to try it after watching The Other Guys and that he was addicted. I laughed so hard, though, when someone replied that that’s what his mother drinks when she goes to the spa.

A recipe is not needed for something this simple. All you do is add some cucumber slices (preferably English) to a glass of water, or a pitcher if you have company, and you’re done. Water preference, room temperature or cold, is yours but personally, I think it’s better cold. Done.

Now that I’ve shared that, let me also share some travel photos from my family’s recent trip to Disneyland. We came back home about two weeks ago. All the photos were made on my iPod Touch and I’ve shared some of the apps and my thoughts on them at trend & chic. I took some travel shots with my camera as well, which is what I usually use for my food photos here, but I can’t upload anything from it right now or take any pictures; it seems to be a battery problem – so, yes, the cucumber water photos (and this post; I wrote up most of it with the WordPress app) are also courtesy of my iPod.

I did consider waiting so that I include the pictures from my camera but I figured against it since it would take longer and also that, after the first day, I went around Disneyland with just my iPod for taking pictures and it was so easy to use! Not to mention convenient and discreet – the shutter is kind of loud when I’m at home or somewhere quiet, but in a place like Disneyland and with lots of people, you don’t even hear it and it was convenient to not be constantly pulling out my camera. While it doesn’t take that long for my camera to turn on and set up, in the same amount of time I can take a photo or more with my iPod.

I’ve already uploaded quite a number of these photos on Instagram, click here if you want to check them out there (login not required for web viewing). If you’re wondering, yes, that’s my reflection in the glass in the photo above.

My Mum took this picture of moi and I edited it with Camera+.

You can row on a canoe on weekends and selected days - we didn't know!
Those are real orange trees! We also saw lemon trees and grapevines.

While we were down in California we also caught some of the new Queen documentary. My Dad was flipping through the channels and then we saw Freddie Mercury on the TV screen. Next thing you know, I hear myself saying in a loud voice, “Keep it on!” and we watched it from when “Bohemian Rhapsody” was being recorded (the point where we caught it) up to the point of Queen’s collaboration with David Bowie for “Under Pressure”. I’d already seen it (gratefully, someone uploaded the whole thing on YouTube when it first aired in the UK), although I wasn’t about to decline an opportunity to watch it on the telly. Not to mention that I was also curious to watch the American edit and it was interesting to see what had been abridged, left out entirely, or censored. I’m going to be writing more about the documentary on trend & chic at some point, I just haven’t got very far – but it has my approval and I think they did a good job. (You can watch a preview or teaser clip here, if you like, and you read the episode summaries on Queen’s official website.)

On another note, one final thing – Pinterest! Even if haven’t signed up for an account (you need an invite), I’m sure you’ve checked it out at least once…or twice. ;D Myself, I find it hard to get off once I’m on. I usually end up emailing (or spamming, take your pick) a load of emails to people, full of Pinterest links. I’ll say, “Hey, did you get my Pinterest?”

Anyway, I’m on there now, I have an account – thanks for the invite, Mary! – and, to my delight, I’ve been seeing Z’s Cup of Tea recipes pinned and repinned on the website. (I know because I see them in my blog stats.) I usually “like” them and add to my board of “Pinned Recipes from Z’s Cup of Tea”. My only Pinteresting peeve (besides the app regularly crashing)? I’m on there as Z’s Cup of Tea, although I might switch to trend & chic later on just for more flexibility of identity, if you know what I mean.

My trend & chic photography apps reviews:

7 thoughts on “Cucumber Water, The Other Guys, Plus Travel Pictures

  1. Funny clip! Of course, I’ll laugh at Will Ferrell just about any time. True! Now I need to make cucumber water immediately. Mom and Dad have been giving me some from their garden and I haven’t thought of good uses for it all. 😉 Your pictures of the cucumber water are very cool!

    You’re been busy, Zoe. Your trip to Disneyland looks like a lot of fun. I like your pics and the one your mom took of you. Can’t really see you much, but that adds to the mystery appeal and I like that it’s black and white. 🙂


    1. Hi Shirley, thanks! Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are in the works of another movie called Three Mississippi and the premise sounds hilarious. Can’t wait to see it! There’s even the possibility for a sequel to The Other Guys, so we’ll see. 😉 Garden fresh cucumber sounds so lovely! Thanks about the photos – I’ve always liked mysterious characters in books, including writing them – so maybe that’s a good thing? Haha. I love taking pictures with my iPod but I’m still figuring out how I feel about taking food photos on it, how they look really depends on the lighting available, so thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  2. Looks like such a great trip! And I can’t believe I haven’t heard of The Other Guys, and that clip is hilarious. I tried cucumber water last summer, but for some unexplained reason, I decided to blend and then strain the water. . . .uh, no. I think I’ll try it again, your way. For some reason, the cucumber in there. . .

    1. Oh no! Well, I hope that you like cucumber water, Ricki, once you’ve tried it again. I think you’d love The Other Guys; there are lots of clips available on YouTube besides this one and they’re all funny. Thanks!

  3. Reporting back to say that I am in LOVE with cucumber water. I used half a cucumber to make a pint of cucumber water. Left in fridge overnight and just drank before lunch. Oh my goodness, it was sooo refreshing. I drank my whole mug right away. Now I’m making more and might make a giant pitcher for my support group meeting on Monday. My group will love it! Thanks, Zoe! 🙂


  4. Okay, I need to rent that movie! Too funny Zoe, thanks for sharing. My fave Will Ferrell movie is Elf 🙂 Cucumber water sounds awesome. It would be great to serve to guests! Love the pics too. xo

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