trend & chic

Announcing a new blog that I’m authoring: trend & chic.

There you will find, quoting from the about page, “an ever-expanding list of items, creations and ideas that I consider to exhibit style, charm and interest, offering informative reviews on topics that will even include literature, photography, and fashion.”

So if you’ve ever been curious about what books I like and what I’m reading, movies/TV shows I’m watching, my personal interests other than those relating to all things culinary, et cetera: this is the place to go. 😀

You can subscribe via email or RSS feed just as you can here at this site as well as following trend & chic on Twitter. I’ll most likely be retweeting new updates at trend & chic on my Twitter for Z’s Cup of Tea and vise versa so that you don’t miss out on anything either way. You’ll always be in the loop.

In other news – later this week (fingers crossed) I hope to share a recipe for St. Patrick’s Day here, then a recipe for a simple, light dessert for spring.

In the meantime, pop over to trend & chic and explore what there is so far! And do remember to subscribe. 😉

trend & chic

Twitter: @trendandchic

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