Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, Mushroom Fritatta

The past few months, I have wanted to participate in Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger but I either found out too late or missed it entirely. When Shirley of Gluten Free Easily announced that she was hosting this one, I jumped in right away, and adopted Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free.

Though we know each other only through the blogging world so far, Amy is a good friend of mine. Not only is she kind and generous, she has always been supportive and encouraging. I first met her through the March edition of Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free (a monthly gluten-free food event), which Amy hosted with the theme “Guiltless Pleasures”, and I started to participate in her weekly Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays: a round-up of indulgent and healthier recipes. As we got to know each other better through some correspondence, she invited me to guest post on her blog, which I did with mini black raspberry and white chocolate crepe cakes.

Although this is my first time to participate in this wonderful event in the gluten-free blogging community, I’m not new to making Amy’s fabulous recipes. I’ve made two versions (including curry) of her version of a Moosewood Cookbook recipe for spinach Florentine potato soup and an angel food cake in cupcake form. I’m looking forward to making even more of her recipes out of her forthcoming cookbook, coming next January – maybe in time for my birthday!

Once I signed up to adopt Amy and after several siftings through her recipe index, I initially settled on her flourless chocolate torte. I didn’t end up making it, though, as I’m out of cocoa powder (shocking, I know, the last time we didn’t have cocoa powder or chocolate in any form in this house was when my family and I were strictly SCD; chocolate isn’t allowed for some reason that remains unclear) and didn’t have time to get more. I let time slip by me.

After looking through her recipe index again, I chose this mushroom fritatta. What I love about it is that it’s done on the stove and that it doesn’t use cheese in it: grated cheese may be sprinkled over top just before putting under the broiler, but it is an entirely optional thing to do. The main reason why I like that it’s done on the stove is because I haven’t seen a recipe for fritatta that is done entirely on the stove, and I think it’s also less hassle for those of us who don’t have oven-proof cookware (more on that further on). Stove top cooking isn’t everyone’s ideal, I know – not everyone likes to or has time to mind something on the stove, such as stirring it every so often, and prefer to just stick it in the oven in which there is still minding but a great deal less, as long as you remember to take it out in time, and then there’s slow cooking. However, stove top cooking has its own charms and personally, I don’t mind standing over a stove for hours on end. I’ve stood at the stove before frying pancakes for my family for an hour or two (sometimes longer), I kid you not.

Back to Amy’s fritatta – the pan that I’m currently using, and have used for all the recipes on this blog that use a fry pan in some way, is a bit bigger, I think, than the ten or twelve inch skillet that Amy specifies so that’s why mine looks a bit wider and thinner. Although I did my best to try to stay as close to the recipe, the only things I did tweak slightly (to fit with what I already had handy) was using six large eggs, plus two large egg yolks (leftover from making meringue), button mushrooms, and replacing the chicken stock with boiling water as I didn’t have any chicken stock or buillion on hand. I also did not have herbs de Provence, or all the herbs to make my own, so I used pizza spice instead – note, though, that I would call pizza spice hardly a substitute for herbs de Provence.

Because I wanted to hurry things up a bit, I turned the heat up to medium-high for a few minutes so that the eggs would set and cook faster (it was getting close to dinner time as I made this), before turning it down to medium-low and let it finish cooking within the time remaining. By the time ten minutes was up, it was almost fully cooked except for the very top: the eggs hadn’t fully set. I don’t know if the stainless stell pan is oven-proof or not, but according to what I quickly Googled, most stainless steel cookware is oven-proof: just know how high a temperature it can withstand. Well, I didn’t know that. Taking a leap of faith, I put the pan (stainless steel) under the broiler for a minute on high (whenever I use the broiler, the digital display has an option for high (hi) or low (lo), and I don’t have enough broiler experience to know which I should use for a given recipe) – Amy said to put it under the broiler for three to four minutes, but for me it was done in a minute. I’m not sure if it’s because of my oven/broiler’s settings or what, but hey. The pan’s alright and the fritatta was pretty darn tasty. My family and I had it for dinner, with rice and steamed green beans, and there is a bit leftover for the morning.

To cap this post off, I thank Shirley for hosting, providing the opportunity for me to participate in this lovely event – now that I’m in, I hope to participate again this (next?) month – however it works. Later this month, for September’s edition, at the least. And thank you to Sea of Book of Yum, the founder of this monthly event, to create this opportunity for all of us gluten-free food bloggers to join in and participate and share real, good food and get to know a little better those bloggers we admire or are friends with. Not only was this my first time to participate in Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger, it was also my first time ever to make fritatta. I do declare that I think I like it better than scrambled eggs.

You can get the recipe for Amy’s mushroom fritatta here.

P.S. I know I’ve posted this a tad late. I was racing against time to get it in, but computer issues set me back so that I didn’t post this before midnight – effectively late by a few minutes. Sigh.

17 thoughts on “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, Mushroom Fritatta

  1. What a wonderful post, Zoe! That fritatta looks great. I think I now have the confidence to try this. And, it’s something different for my toddler to have for dinner. He loves eggs, but dinner has been the same 3-4 items for months, now.

    I love Amy’s recipe, too. There are so many I want to try. Now, it looks like I have a bunch to try on your site, too. So glad to have found your blog.

    Tia 😛

    1. Hi, Tia! Thank you so much. I hope your toddler likes the fritatta – like Amy said, the filling possibilities are endless. Now that I’ve made fritatta, I feel a lot more confident doing it again with different fillings – beforehand, I thought that using cheese in it was a big part of what fritatta is, but it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Zoe – you did a fabulous job. And, yes, I throw my stainless steel pan in the oven to finish off the top of the frittata all the time. I love the way it gives a nice, puffed look and sets the eggs on the top.

    Thanks so much for adopting me. You’re such a doll. And, I must say that the feelings are mutual. You’ve been such a *huge* blessing in my life. It’s funny how the internet can bridge distance and create wonderful friendships. You have a very bright future ahead of you – I am grateful to be able to watch it unfold.

    Much love,

    1. Thank you so much, Amy, for your kind words. It was my pleasure adopting you. 🙂 Yes, I agree with you about how the Internet works, it’s an amazing thing – I look forward to the day when we get to meet each other in person, and who knows, perhaps we’ll cook together or something and learn from each other.

      Good to know about the stainless steel pan, thanks!

  3. Zoe! You did an awesome job! I, too, feel the same way about Amy. Although I have never met her, I feel as though she is a friend of mine already. She is so generous, warm, and kind.
    This frittata looks awesome! We are big frittata fans in this house. In fact, just last night, I made a Spaghetti Pie frittata that was super yummy. Will get it posted one of these days…
    Btw, your story about quickly googling something in the crux of the moment happens all too often in my cooking adventures! hehe!

    1. Thank you, Kim! The spaghetti pie fritatta sounds marvelous – reminds me of an idea I saw in the Fine Cooking magazine. Googling things while in the moment of making something new happens often for me, unless I have a sure handle on it, haha, i.e. I’ve read and pored over it so much that it’s ingrained.

      Like I told Amy, one day all of us will meet! It would be wonderful if one of the issues (for lack of a better word) of an event like this or Go Ahead Honey would be a potluck/get-together, and we get to eat all of this tasty food.

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