The Way the Cookie Crumbles (GFCF)

Remember those cookies I made? Well, I haven’t exactly blogged the recipe but I did talk about it in my last post. Those cookies still have not been perfected but the first batch is still here. Practically untouched. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, they just don’t have that great appeal on their own. Yet. Today I’m saving them by making a kind of snack/dessert using the chocolate ice cream pudding with these cookies crumbled into it. Kind of like the idea of yogurt with granola, I guess.

Anyways. There you have it. Just take the chocolate pudding out of the fridge, put some in a bowl and crumble one or two of the cookies into it and eat.

Oh, how do you like the new blog? I’m transferring things over, changing and updating some things, and preparing a few new features. If you were subscribed to my RSS feed or by email, subscribe to the new feed or email updates by entering your email address in the field in the sidebar. The only thing that didn’t cross over in the move was my post/comment ratings! I have to build them up again, and you can help: simply hit the stars until they reach the number of “votes” as they were before – and maybe hit them a few more times after that. 😉 I took screenshots of all my ratings I’d had to so far so you can see what we’re aiming for – and beyond.

Note that these screenshots are only for post ratings. I haven’t included ratings (thumbs up/down) of comments.

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