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Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! Cream of the Crop: Dairy-Free Delights

Update: deadline extended, click here for details!

Welcome to this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! For this month’s theme, it is Cream of the Crop: Dairy-Free Delights, which I am happily hosting. Dairy is animal-milk based (usually cow or goat) products or derivatives. Dairy includes milk, cream, butter, buttermilk, and cheeses. There are many alternatives for dairy products, some of which are quite creative, such as using avocado instead of cream (something I have yet to try). Sometimes these substitutions may not always yield the same results but they’re often much healthier than their dairy counterparts, sometimes even tasting better, too!

To submit your recipe,

  • In your blog post, indicate in some way that it is for June 2010′s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten-Free. Link to this entry to share the information with your readers.
  • Send your link on or before June 25th, 2010 June 27th, 2010 (deadline extended) to zscupoftea [at] gmail [dot] com, with the subject line, “Go Ahead Honey, Dairy-Free Delights” (without quotes). Please include a picture of the recipe in your email. Do not use my contact form to send your recipe as does not currently allow sending attachments via contact forms.
  • Update: Non-bloggers are also welcome! Please email me at the specified email address above, with the subject line,”Go Ahead Honey, Dairy-Free Delights” (without quotes) and please include a picture and the recipe (recipe may be attached in a document or in the email body). If you don’t have a picture, a description would also suffice.

The round-up will go live on June 30th, 2010. Continue reading

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The Importance of Organic Eggs

Today in the kitchen was almost as busy as yesterday – before I continue, I’ll let you know that this blog isn’t becoming a personal journal! It’s just what’s been happening.

I had hoped to blog a recipe or two today, maybe even a video, but those plans were out the window when, as I was actually filming a video, the camera’s batteries died. Le sigh! It seems I’m not the only one with an off day. Before that, I only managed to get this picture (above) of these brown rice flour cookies I made today. I could post the recipe now but I want to work on it some more first before I do.

The video I was working on was one for the coconut milk chocolate ice cream, which is now in the fridge as a pudding. It only being scoopable for so long and then hardening into a block is trying. I really wonder if it’s my freezer temperature or if it’s how it’s being processed? I’m not an ice cream expert.

I also made a kind of SCD fudge with almond butter and honey, although I messed it up because I didn’t follow the order it was supposed to be made. It still tasted good, though it left me feeling stressed out about not getting it right when I’ve made it correctly in the past. I was annoyed. After that, I made yet another something that has not appeared on this blog but that I hope to share soon, once the camera’s in working order again (I have to get batteries), which, depending on how thick it’s made, is a kind of stew or gravy and it tastes like something with dairy but there isn’t any dairy at all! The secret ingredients are coconut milk and curry paste. Here’s a shot of it, served with white basmati rice.

Yes, this was my dinner, and yes, sometimes I take pictures of food I’m eating. It’s almost become an impulsive habit.

In the midst of all these things happening, while I wait to blog more yumminess and you look forward to reading my words and drooling over the food, let us all be enlightened about why it’s important to use organic eggs:

Until next time.

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What's Happening in the Kitchen of Z

Dear Readers,

If you’re wondering what’s new in the kitchen of Z’s Cup of Tea, check out my sister’s post on her blog. She gives a little peek behind the scenes of the filming of a video for a strawberry mousse (pictured above) that I’ll be posting on YouTube. The video is currently in post-production (editing) stage and should be made live soon, I hope. The recipe will be blogged shortly thereafter here.

In the meantime, feel free to browse my other recipes already posted here. Stay tuned!

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