Lindor Stracciatella
Happy Easter, everybody! This is my favourite chocolate right now, it’s Lindor Stracciatella chocolate. It’s white chocolate with flecks of what seems to be milk chocolate; in real life, they kind of look like quail eggs. I took the photos with my iPod.

Stracciatella is basically vanilla ice cream (or gelato) with bits of chocolate in it – it’s sometimes called the Italian cousin to the North American chocolate chip ice cream. The name itself is not unique to just ice cream, though. It can also refer to a kind of soup and cheese, respectively. Regarding the ice cream, though, I really want to have a go at making it or maybe even a homemade version of these chocolates.

*Info for gluten-free folks: the only allergen info for this chocolate is that it may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts (almonds and hazelnuts). Lindor chocolate is not certified gluten-free and this is a topic in their FAQ on their website.

4 thoughts on “Lindor Stracciatella Chocolate

  1. Tracey

    Hi Zoe,
    Unfortunately I have been “glutined” eating Lindt chocolate so it worth being cautious. I seem to be OK with small amounts of belgian processed but not swiss. Must be the barley syrup frequently used.


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