Guest Post on Bob’s Red Mill with a Recipe for Quinoa and Happy Fiji Day and Thanksgiving

Dear Readers,

In my last post when I told you all that I am away in Fiji, I forgot to mention in it that I guest posted on the Bob’s Red Mill blog with a recipe for Broccolini, Corn, and Shrimp Quinoa with Olive Oil Lemon Garlic Dressing last week. I tweeted the link and posted it on Facebook, though I thought I would mention it here for those of you who aren’t on Twitter or Facebook and might have missed it.

Remember, if you’re looking for a particular recipe, or you’re just browsing, you can always check out the ever-expanding recipe index.

Tomorrow (Monday, October 10th) is Fiji Day, celebrating Fiji’s independence from the British for forty-one years and all the celebrations this weekend are leading up to it. (My Dad told us that, thankfully, Fiji’s independence was non-violent and was a generally peaceful affair.)

As it is also the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, I wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fiji Day! :)

5 thoughts on “Guest Post on Bob’s Red Mill with a Recipe for Quinoa and Happy Fiji Day and Thanksgiving

  1. K

    I really like the Bob’s Red Mills since you first starting mentioning it. It is a little pricier in Canada but I like the package sizing as well and the quality. Congratulations on the post ;)

    1. Zoe Post author

      Hi K, thanks! Your comments and feedback are always appreciated. Since this guest post, I’ve learned some conflicting information about Bob’s, specifically the quality assurance of their gluten-free products but that’s for another post, where I’ll have more room to discuss.


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